W. Winters – Merciless Series Reading Order

November 18, 2018

The series is complete and Nancy LOVED it! Nancy: ENDLESS (Merciless Book 4) is the last book in the series, but is the absolute best book in the series. Merciless, Heartless, Breathless, lead up to Endless. That this is the thrilling ending of the series is what makes it the best book of the bunch. What [...]

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Addison Cain – Alpha’s Claim Series Reading Order

August 20, 2018

DARK READ ALERT!!! I JUST found out about this one when our fellow readers recommended it for a specific “DARK READ” request. Oooooh and I LOVE my dark reads! This one, I hear, might even be too dark for some. Eeeeeeeeep!! Kim: So goooood… I just finished this series & couldn’t put it down!!!! Meagan: I’m [...]

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Reader Question – The book about a guy who kept a woman captive and she hated him for that…

March 29, 2018

Okay this one is really spoiler-y too, but no worries, I added the alerts so you can stop before the big reveal. It sounds like it ends on a cliffhanger, and if it’s not a cliffhanger, it’s quite the ending!! Gabby asks: Hi Maryse, can you help me find this book. I read it I [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the doctor that was kidnapped by rebels & forced to work in their makeshift clinic…

March 30, 2017

LOL!!! This reader question is pretty much the whole story in a nutshell, but Robyn is looking for it desperately. So I’ve spoiler alerted a little bit everywhere in case you haven’t read this one yet but want to. And for this that know it, we’re all ears!! She asks: Ok Maryse, I’ve been pulling [...]

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Book Review – Ricochet by Keri Lake

February 21, 2016

Ricochet This one caught my eye a few months ago upon its release, and nooooooo, not just ’cause of that gorgeous, mesmerizing cover ! It totally gave me a blurb jolt and I highlighted it big time: “A few blurbs are giving me that coveted *jolt* …ESPECIALLY Ricochet (OMG… his wife is murdered so he exacts [...]

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The Ultimate Book List of Innocent and Sheltered Heroines (strict upbringings, or raised in a cult etc…)

February 6, 2016

So many of us get a real kick out of the dynamic and “social study” of a sheltered character (one that lives differently from the “social norms” due to strict upbringing, religious beliefs, and/or abusive situations) that is thrust into the “real” world. They find themselves reevaluating everything they thought was true. New lessons to [...]

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Anna Zaires – Twist Me Series Reading Order

March 12, 2015

DARK READ ALERT!!!! SO MANY fans of dark reads absolutely LOVED this one, and I just found out, book #3 is up for pre-order! Trisha: Twist Me! WOW~ I am not a big dark fan but I loved this, twist me is the perfect title for this book, because it did in all kinds of ways… rori: …I am [...]

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Book Review – Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn

November 16, 2014

Nine Minutes This one is making waves (everyone appears to be loving it) and it sure was good! Biker book/kidnap book that gave me chills from the start. I mean… wow, right? Hopping on the back of a stranger’s bike and realizing he’s not taking you where you asked him to? Eeeeeep!!! Then… arriving at [...]

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