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Belle Aurora – Raw Family Series Reading Order

January 2, 2019

<— SUPER-STALKER DARK READ ALERT!!! Oh we went CRAZY for this one a few years ago, and the full-on sequel JUST. WENT. LIVE!!!!!!  Lauren: Raw by Belle Aurora….OMG, how could I forget about Twitch? You guys remember this one? The “I fell in love with my stalker” book? It was insane! Ann: For me, it has to [...]

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Reader Question – Looking for on-the-edge-of-your-seat criminal underworld romance recommendations

November 8, 2018

Lene is looking for a specific book genre too. She’s looking for the bad guys. The REAL bad guys. She asks: I need help! I’m really in the mood for the on the edge of your seat underworld romance.. The ones where you don’t know if he’s bad for you or hands down just dangerous… [...]

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T.M. Frazier – Perversion Trilogy Reading Order

September 23, 2018

T.M. FRAZIER’S LATEST ANTI-HERO ALERT!!!!! This is her latest series, book #1 will be live at midnight, and ALL three books are already up for preorder and waiting for us. Gritty and raw, I just KNOW it!! You know she goes… there. About book #1: Love is supposed to be a fairy tale. Ours is [...]

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Lylah James – Tainted Hearts Series Reading Order

July 25, 2018

Book #4 JUST WENT LIVE and Tessa tells us it’s SHOCKING!!! GASP!!! I LOVE THAT! Tessa: Okay, I’m going to tell anyone who loves Mafia and emotions, read The Mafia and his Angel. It’s the author’s debut book and I really fell for it. It wasn’t typical at all, despite the blurb. I just fell [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the girl that was being stalked and the guy is obsessed with her…

March 2, 2018

And here is the second book Tash is looking for… and yet agin, I think I know it!!! YAY!! I love when I can guess too. She asks: The other book was about a woman who felt like there was someone following her. Turns out there was a guy obsessed over her. He was kinda [...]

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Book Review – Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

January 6, 2017

Hidden Bodies: A Novel Before we start, if you haven’t read the first book “You: A Novel” skip this review and jump INTO that book ASAP (if you enjoy a subdued-creepy stalker story where he actually gets the girl… but you know. He’s crazy… so… other things). And let me tell you about “You” <– [...]

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Beth Flynn – Nine Minutes Trilogy Reading Order

July 8, 2016

GRITTY BIKER SERIES ALERT! Book #3 (A Gift of Time (The Nine Minutes Trilogy Book 3)) is going live in just a few days, and since #2 ended on quote the cliffhanger (actually #1 also), there is some squeeing going on right now. This one has SO many happily losing their minds over it! In fact [...]

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Book Review – Sparrow by L.J. Shen

March 12, 2016

Sparrow This one had all the makings of my kind of guilty-pleasure thrill ride! With the whole kidnapping premise, and the forced marriage and living with (and hating) the captor, the unapologetic bad guy. The resistance, the fight and the fear. Finding out WHY he not only forced her from her life, but why she [...]

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