Book Review – Undeniably You by Jewel E. Ann

by Maryse on August 13, 2015 · 14 comments

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Undeniably You
This one was fun, fervent and fiery. A comfortably predictable yet somewhat unpredictable romance read where the author cleverly had me “looking over here” while she worked her magic in the story elsewhere. And just when I thought I knew what was happening (and maybe even rolling my eyes over it)… *poof* SURPRISE!! Think again!!

And then… just when I knew what else was happening… she pulled another rabbit out of her hat.

Ahhhhh but love IS magical, and so many of us were enchanted.

Shirley: I am currently reading Undeniably You by Jewel E Ann. Its not getting alot of buzz and I dont know why. It is so good and funny- I love this authors writing!! It has definitely brought me out of my book slump. Highly recommend it!!

Linda: Undeniably You by Jewel E. Ann. Oh. My.Gosh!!! I could not put this book down!!! Every. Feel. Every. Emotion!!! Still wiping my snotty nose.xx … On vacation at the beach this week. Started this book around 11:00 am. I mean I literally couldn’t put my tablet down!!! Didn’t even go out for dinner!! Explained to hubby it was a sandwich kind of evening and I finished about 2:30 this morning!! Now I did have to shut it down a couple times to pace a bit and get more tissues!! Lol. Have a couple days left of vaca and want to take advantage of down time and have no idea what to read that would take my head out of this wonderful beautiful story!! Great now I’m crying again!!! I have got to get a grip!! Guys 5 star++++++++++ for me. Xoxo

Marit:  Just finished Undeniably you by Jewel E. Ann. This book ripped my heart out and stabbed my gut several times! It was SO angsty, but I loooved it :) It had some twists that I did not see coming. Thumbs up for this one, ladies.

Maryse: I’m about to pause what I’m currently reading for Undeniably You, after that rec!

Nikki: Undeniably You was a 5 star read for me. I assumed by the cover it would be a sweet, lighthearted, funny read. It was all that, however when I got to about 57% I was bawling like a baby and worn out by the end of the book. It was FANTASTIC though!!!

Shirley: You have to read UY Maryse and Amy!! You will love it!! It was a re read for me and there are not many books I re read! One of my favorites ever!

Marit:  UY took me by surprise!! I was expecting a funny and romantic read. It was that, but OMG it got twisted! I was like NO WAAAAAAY when I got to the middle of it ;) So enjoy the show :)

Ela: Soooooooo I started UY and so far it’s cute and sweet! I’m afraid for the rest!

Adele: I owe Shirley a HUGE thank you for recommending Undeniably You! Fantastic book, it had humor, angst, some more angst, hot guys and a great ending! Two thumbs up!!

Amy: It’s official…I’m. Emotionally. Sapped. Undeniably You sapped me. But it was fun. ;)

Agreed!! I couldn’t help but fall in love with a few of the characters. In fact at first, I was a little irked at the initial love-interest switcheroo, when I could have SWORN I knew who was the better fit (but hey… it was only the start of the book. There was still MUCH more to explore). Gah. It was so obvious. Or was it? Tee hee! That’s all part of this story’s magic my friends.

The strongest arms I have ever known embrace me— all of me. He speaks to me with touch and holds me in the space between words.

If this isn’t love, then it doesn’t exist.

Was I right? Was I wrong? Yes… and YES.

In that order? Ah ah ahhhhhhhh. My lips are sealed.

But I was pleasantly surprised that this sweet, lighthearted feeling comedy romance turned out to have a level of fervor and angst as found in some of our favorite intense love-triangle romance dramas. This one went from silly, to ha-ha, to heartwarming, to relatable to OMG… am I crying?

Amy: Good lord, ladies…I just had a major-hide-my-face-in-the-pillow-and-scream-OH-NO moment from UY. *giggle*

Tee hee!! I think I know which part… ;)

So what’s it about?

Sam aka Sydney (don’t ask… it took me awhile to figure out why we were calling the character by two different names… a bit confusing at first but it’s eventually explained – so just go with it), is freelancing as a dog walker, dog sitter/house sitter before she leaves for her trip to Paris and embarks on a concentrated college education which will take up all of her time. She’s trying to make some money before that, though, and live a little. Housesitting for her aunt and uncle affords her a month of languorous and luxurious living in their beautiful home (and… picking up dog poop). Ick.

While there she meets two very handsome and very eligible bachelors (a sweet and shy veterinarian) and a sexy bad-boy stranger that introduces himself as the house pool boy. LOL!! Fun, new friends!! And since she’s only going to be there for a month, there’s no chance of anything more, so she can let loose and live free right? Ha.

Because it only takes a few awesome hangouts for a crush to start, and then a few more for real feelings to develops, and then a few more for… OH NO. OHHHHH YESSSS!!!

“If I were to go blind tomorrow, the last thing in the whole world I would want to see is your eyes,” I whisper with a weak raw voice.

He rests his chin on my stomach and smiles. “You want to know what you see in my eyes that’s so amazing?”

“What?” I whisper, brushing my thumb over his thick brow.

“Your reflection.”

*thud* OMG I think I’m in love.

Love triangle? Yes. Maybe. Wait, why are we only focused on…? NO!! No I don’t want that. I thought *spoiler* was the obvious.. No. Well…Wait… oh maybe I do. Or? Yes my friends, those were my exact thoughts throughout and the author mixes it up, and mixed me up big time. In fact I was a little confused (and annoyed) at certain direction she was taking us in, but well… it’s all part of the show). ;) It takes you here, there and everywhere and I’m going to stop there, and let you experience it for yourself.

“I’m sorry. I have to go. I didn’t want to end things like this but—”

“Just WAIT!” he yells and the line goes dead.

My heart is being ripped apart in two directions.

I just LOVE this brand of angst. Funny, lighthearted and then romantically angsty. It hurt me FOUR times over. FOUR. TIMES! Actually more than that, but 4 very clearly defined moments had me pretty much… unable to put it down, devouring each and every moment once I was halfway in… actually more like 1/3 in.

Because, mistakes. Oh, they are made in this one. Over and over and over again. Mind you a few times, I was TICKED that the author “took us there”. A few confusing moments that had me wondering if even the author knew what direction she wanted to go in. Or if perhaps she was leading us again… (a certain male reaction that had me nervous about where the story was going). Plus, I was ticked that the characters would choose to make bad decisions and simply make excuse after excuse to back up their conscience.

“You won the goddamn lottery of eligible guys and you’re ripping up the winning ticket! It doesn’t make sense.”

And at times, they could be so obtuse (hello!!?? It’s obvious what’s being asked of you!!). I was ready to shake… EVERYONE. Especially the main character. And her author. LOL!!!

Amy: I’m consoling myself right now by saying Sydney deserves every bit of what she’s going through. That should make this easier, right?? But…but…why do I have to FEEL all of this along with her?!? Oh that’s right, because I love this. ;)

Oh well. It was good nonetheless, and all’s well that ends well. That is… IF the one you wanted is who’s still there in the end. ;)

I was also pleasantly surprised that the side-characters had just as much personality as the main characters, giving this story life, and movement. A real feel. In fact, her carefree adventurous sister came through as the most logical of all. I LOVED that. She’s the epitome of don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

All that to say… heartwarming, loving, fulfilling group of new friends (and old friends) and family, and heartache and pain, and life lessons, and OMG I miss them already. I TOTALLY DO.

I let a few tears fall down my cheeks. I don’t know what’s happening, but every day I feel a little more alone.


P.S. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, in this case, too. As gorgeous yet sexy as I think the cover is, it doesn’t really fit this… emotional, tangled tale. Oh the book is steamy, don’t get me wrong, but that cover has a more erotica-sexy-fun feel, while this story is pure contemporary romance-angst.

Amy: UY, is that the one with the topless chick and the dog holding her bikini top?? I have it! :D But I never would have guessed about the visceral reaction from THAT cover.

Cheryl: Amy, I was thinking the same thing from the cover to Undeniably You-somehow had me thinking it was a lighthearted, smexy read.

Right? What the… ? There is SO much more to this story than what the cover… portrays. ;) Although I don’t doubt Sydney looked like that by the pool…


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Amy August 13, 2015 at 10:22 PM

“…but every day I feel a little more alone.” <—— I remember that part. Stupid girl was giving me a lump in my throat 'cause she was being a stupid girl. Okay, okay…I get the *why* of her decisions, but it doesn't mean I have to agree with her!

Then again, we wouldn't have this much fun reading if they all made the decisions we think they should make. ;)

Great review, Maryse!! :D

Marit August 14, 2015 at 4:00 AM

Woho! great review, Maryse ;) I’m glad that you liked this rollercoaster of a read! She made me pretty angry at times as well.. And jealous!! :D

Rachel August 14, 2015 at 6:04 AM

Yay! I think I recommended this one….
It’s great!

Lisa August 14, 2015 at 7:13 AM

Ok. One-clicked this one.
But I just wanted to share….just finished Louder Than Love by Jessica Topper and it was sooooo good. The cover and blub made me think it was another light rock star read but it is so much more. Just beautifully written, sad and tender and hopeful. Lovely.

Maryse August 14, 2015 at 9:35 AM

Lisa YES I LOVED Louder Than Love. One of my favorites!!

I think this one actually has a touch of that (lighthearted cover, but a more angsty kind of depth to the story).

Maryse August 14, 2015 at 9:35 AM

Thank you Rachel!! :D

Maryse August 14, 2015 at 9:36 AM

Marit and Amy!!

Yes… I just loved wanting to throttle some sense into her…

COME ON GIRL!! But then… without all that indecision and “yeah but…” then we wouldn’t have had all that delicious angst. Tee hee!! :P

Ela August 14, 2015 at 11:06 AM

Awesome sauce review.

So I’m about 35% into UY, when shall I expect the shocker/twist/tears?

Maryse August 14, 2015 at 11:52 AM

Hrmmm… middle of book?

Now it’s not going to be CRAZY twist-tears like some of our shockers… just that there were a few surprises, let’s just say and then the romance angst. Oh yes.

Ela August 14, 2015 at 1:50 PM

OMG!!!! Who is “HE”????? My heart is popping out of my chest! I’m at 59%!

Cheryl August 15, 2015 at 3:24 AM

Great review Maryse! Just finished UY and I really liked it. I would have loved it, but felt the resolution of a certain problem was too easy and went from complicated to not a problem anymore.

Chrissy August 15, 2015 at 10:29 AM

Sooo good… I can’t wait to re-read it in like a couple months, or even next week! ;) What a great read! I wonder how’s this author’s other books, any ideas? Thanks Maryse!!! :)

Grey August 15, 2015 at 5:50 PM

With your Maryse…4 stars for me as well.

Sydney was on par with Kiera (Thoughtless) for a while there, she made me wanna kick her in the butt with a pair of sharp toed stilettos…

59% I know exactly what part you’re referring to and I have a complete WTF moment too.

Lisa M August 17, 2015 at 7:14 AM

Just finished reading UY!! Stayed up too late & had to get up early in the morning. This is the first book I have been tempted to peek at the end to see what happens!!! Grey, I agree with you she did remind me of Kiera from Thougtless & I too wanted to smack some sense into her. That goodness it had an HEA!! I was almost scared it was going to have a CH!!! Phew!! I was so relieved!! So many twists!!! Absolutely loved this book!! One of my favs for sure & a story I won’t forget!! Nothing like a good cry even now & then!!

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