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A Match Made in Hell (Nicki Styx, Book 2)

After finishing book #2 (this one) I quickly realized that this was totally my kind of series ;) I liked book one, but this one had me excited enough to immediately move onto #3 (which, by the way, I read straight through, and will be heading into #4 tonight). Yup, two books in two days, and the series just keeps getting better with each installment.

The series is mostly funny, as Nicki is all about sarcastic wit, but the tales are also very moving. You see, despite having been raised in a loving home, Nicki was once one of those angsty goth teens, rebelling against everything. This attitude followed her deep into her adulthood (keeping mostly everyone at arms length). But things are changing for Nicki, as her tiny circle of friends appears to be growing into a necessary (and comforting) entourage.

The situations that she is forced to deal with are engrossing (and often, chilling). Each story seems to have a message of love, and acceptance, right vs. wrong, free choice and all that. As Nicki helps the ghosts find the light, she too, seems to find a light within herself.  Having struggled in the past with her own “internal darkness”, this new light within her seems to be prevailing. Despite her instinct to quell her new sentimental side and let her anti-social side rule, it seems Nicki is growing up, losing some of her hard-edge, opening herself to love and trust.

Oh and the romance.. while the “scenes” are not as explicitly detailed as others of the genre, the romance is still sizzling, because yes, there is a triangle. The romantic tension is prominent in this series. One incredibly sexy bad boy (Sammy) who calls to Nicki’s inner darkness…

“We’d be so good together,” he murmured. Just think of all the naughty things we could do.” One bright blue eye closed in a wink. “But then, you’ve already been thinking about it, haven’t you?”

vs. the gorgeous and more straight-laced doctor (Joe) that is integral in helping her connect to the good in life.

Joe pulled me down onto his chest, closer to his lips.

“You were looking at me like you wanted to eat me,” he murmured. His breath tickled my cheek as he brushed my lips with his – once, twice, three times.

But wait, before you all immediately jump on the “bad boy” band wagon, lemme warn you…you don’t wanna go there. Even if you do. Cause you will. But you shouldn’t. ;) Bad boy Sammy, dripping in absolute sex appeal, will constantly try to sway Nicki (and you) to his side. What was once pure light, is now pure darkness. Yup, you guessed it…

Intrigued yet?

So here’s the story on book#2. Nicki connects. This is the book that encourages her (okay…forces her) to grow her entourage. She finally meets her twin sister (who is actually Joe’s wife)…cool little story there. They also meet their birth mom, and grandparents…(sorta). And while Nicki struggles with all these new people in her life, she soon realizes how much she needs them, and how “blood will tell, every time“.

Jealousy abounds from all angles (and let’s be honest…they all had good reason for the jealousy). Nicki’s jealous of Kelly (her newfound twin) for what she once shared with Joe.

“You surprise me,” Kelly said. She didn’t look surprised as much as suspicious. “If I were you, I’d be a little worried.”

“About what?” If I was, I wasn’t gonna admit it just for her benefit.

“About your boyfriend’s soon-to-be-ex-wife showing up and stealing him away from you.”

Kelly’s jealous of Nicki for what she now has with Joe. Joe’s jealous of Sammy cause Nicki’s so obviously attracted to him,

“I’m not very good at sharing, Nicki. I want you all to myself.”

and so on and so on…LOVED it.

As they struggle to acclimate to their forced proximity, Nicki continues to be visited by ghosts. Some trying to warn her, some trying to scare her. And all the while, sexy Sammy persists relentlessly in his attempts to seduce Nicki, while simultaneously pressuring her into making a decision that could affect her entire life, and afterlife, or that of her loved ones…what’s a newly reformed bad girl to do?

This one’s great! And the third book is even better (review for that one coming soon) :)

4 stars

Check out the entire series reading order here ——> Terri Garey – Nicki Styx Series Reading Order

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