Character Look-Alikes

Character Look-Alikes – Phury From The Black Dagger Brotherhood

November 18, 2011

Phury, the hero of Lover Enshrined (my book review can be read here – wow it’s from 2009!! LOL!) At one time (until his own book!) Phury was competing for my #1 favorite brother. His only competition? His twin, Zsadist. Z was always a touch ahead of Phury for me. As the angrier, more tortured [...]

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Character Look-Alikes – Zsadist From The Black Dagger Brotherhood

October 27, 2011

And with that latest J.R Ward Tidbits and News post, it gave me the perfect opportunity to show you what I found (well my friend Sherry found it, but I said MINE!!). It’s mostly just silly fun, but when I find THE perfect picture, I need to immortalize it on my blog forever, so that [...]

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Authors Reveal Who Their Characters Look Like:

March 7, 2011

Well I’m at it again. Obsessively stalking the internet for “tidbits” of cool info that we don’t really need, but love to know. See here was my problem of the day: Sometimes, I can picture a character perfectly in my head, and then other times…nothing. The images keep getting jumbled in my head, and I [...]

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