Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 24, 2011

I have so much to be thankful for, and I’m especially thankful to be able to share it with you! I’m thankful for my mom (who introduced me to reading at a very young age, loves the same books I do, and indulges with me daily). Love you mom!! Speaking of my mom, I’m thankful [...]

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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2011
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Lily’s Northman Cheer

December 23, 2010

  I consider Lily, the queen of quotes. She collects them. Like stamps. I swear she could probably write a diary of her life and thoughts by way of deep and meaningful, or dark and gritty yet humorous quotes she has collected from various sorts of literature (and I mean various! She reads everything! She [...]

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Book Giveaway – My copy of Twilight

December 11, 2010

So while I gear up for my Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy) review (I’ve been in mourning and needed to recover. I miss the book!! I MISS IT!), I’ve decided to give away my own copy, of the very first book that hooked me into this genre forever, and gave me the same languishing ache, once I knew [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!!

November 25, 2010

  Turkey Day is here, and I’m cooking!! See you all tonight (so long as I haven’t passed out from a Tryptophan overdose, or perhaps a sugar-induced coma!)     *hug*

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