This one time, at Book Bash… Part 2 (2014 Edition)

by Maryse on July 20, 2014 · 9 comments

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Cover model Paul Marron and Maryse (that’s me!!) at Book Bash! :D

You guys! There’s more!! More memories keep coming to us, and since I have a bunch more awesome photos to post, I thought I’d add some funny stuff, here. ;)  Part TWO (this part), AND part 3 (which is all about Angstfest – coming next). Don’t forget to check out part one (if you missed it) —> This one time, at Book Bash… 2014 Edition!

Okay, so I’ll start up the “memories” again!

This one time, at Book Bash, after Angstfest, as many were sleeping, “someone” (let’s call them a brat!!!) pulled the fire alarm, forcing many to evacuate their floor. GAH! But in the process, I got to meet a fun group of girls in the lobby, and while most grabbed their necessities (you know… purse, ID, keys), what made me laugh is what “Sharon” considered her most important necessity. That’s right. She SAVED HER BOOKS!!! LOL!!!

Sharon opened up her pack to show me what she saved from the false-alarm “fire”. HER BOOKS!!

Audra: Hey there post-fire-alarm-lobby-buddy! Just wanted to say thanks again for the great work you did this past weekend!

Maryse: Audra, right off the bat… are you the one that “saved” her books (in case of fire)? LOL!!!

Audra: lol – NO, I’m the pregnant one… Sharon Melone was the one that SAVED her books… And if the hotel burned down, at least we’d have reading material thanks to her!

LOVE it! P.S. Hi Audra and Sharon!! I’m so glad I captured that memory!

Ohhhhh!!! AND!!! This one time, at Book Bash, we had the most AWESOME sponsors!!

Meet Team Atria! Jhanteigh & Ariele!

Atria Books was back again! YAY ATRIA!!!! (You guyssss, they publish SO many of our favorites!! Like Jamie McGuire, Colleen Hoover, Abbi Glines, Tina Reber, Katja Millay and SO many more…). They know awesome when they see it!

So, Atria were the ones that created the awesome Book Bash 2014 programs, the WAY COOL Book Bash tote bag, and also sponsored my Pre-Registration party!! Thank you Atria!!!

AND!!! Gallery Books was back again too!! They also know “awesome” and publish SO many of our favorites like Christina Lauren’s books, Alice Clayton, Emma Chase, J.M Darhower, Kresley Cole, and so many more!!! They were one of our Angstfest sponsors ((the Book Bash after party) and helped make it the awesome dance party that it was! Thank you Gallery!!!

Gallery Books – a sponsor of Angstfest (the Book Bash after party)

Me with Leis (left) & Erin (right) from Penguin Books!

AND!!! We had a new sponsor this year! Berkley/NAL (Penguin Books) joined our team and sponsored the AMAZING Book Bash Volunteers (did you see their cool t-shirts they were wearing that day?? The back of it made me giggle! ;) Plus!! They had the Blogger “Meet ‘n Tweet” get together that was such a hit! Red was the theme for that event, and the bloggers had a blast!

AND!! Books a Million was back again and provided all of the traditionally published books for sale!! AND!! They donated some BAM gift cards that went into K.A. Linde’s  Charity raffle for Breast Cancer awareness, that was held during Angstfest. Thank you BAM!!

AND!!! FedEx helped us ease the “package” load, assisting our authors and fans ship their awesome book-hauls (and swag) back home, so they could enjoy the rest of the party, knowing their goodies were safe and sound! Thank you FEDEX!!

Okay, so are y’all ready for more Book Bash pictures and memories?

This one time, at Book Bash, I met so readers & bloggers and they had on some very clever t-shirts. Like this one! Our BOOK BOYFRIENDS!!

Gotta love THAT list!

Speaking of the readers, but wait! There’s more! They have some memories that they’d like to share, too!

This one time, at Book Bash…

Meet fellow reader, Sharon. She saved her books in the false-firealarm evacuation. ;) LOVE IT!

Sharon: Let’s not forget that unforgettable fire alarm haha —-> (side note: See us to the right… that was at 2am? Maybe even closer to 3am in the hotel lobby, and Sharon saved her books!)

Lindsee: This one time at Angstfest I watched my friend Jenn sexually assault the guitarist… and he seemed to enjoy it. <— side note: LOL!! That picture!

Lindsee: This one time at Angstfest we got Rebecca Donovan to join us partying on stage.

Lindsee: & then we had a twerk off

Lindsee (again! I think she had a blast!!): We had a conga line to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Lindsee: I have video I can email you too. I was the greatest drunk photographer ever lol

and then she sent us this video!! BEWARE of twerking and such. :P

[tubepress video="DHP1fUm3pZA"]

Ariele (from Atria Books): “This one time, at Book Bash….someone came up to me and asked for a picture with me. And I said, “Ummmm, I’m not an author.” And they said “Yeah, I know. You work at Atria,” and then I realized that working in this industry is crazy, but wonderful, and despite some of the less than fun stuff (not enough ARCs to go around – I’m sorry, world!! – and some other unmentionables), the people who make up the book world – authors, editors, readers, reviewers, bloggers, street teams, and even those strangely attractive cover models – are all good peoples with beautiful spirits and lots of heart to share. And for that, I’m pretty thankful. So yep, I took a picture. But honestly, it just wasn’t a great hair day. ;)

Jennifer B: This one time at book bash Carey Heywood fondled my boob She did ask permission first.

Catherine and an Orlando Police Officer (Officer Mckinnon) that was working at Angstfest that night.

Catherine: Thought this guy was another cover model! No it turns out he was actually a police man! They just aren’t built like this in Ireland! (side note <— Ahhhh yes! Officer Mckinnon. Yep. Security was pretty popular at Book Bash, this year. ;)

case in point…

Paul Marron (cover model): “Yeah!! This one time, at Book Bash 2014 in O-town I had the biggest baddest most awesome mensch of a bodyguard. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :) )” <— side note: LOL!!! That would be our very own “Josh” (from part one of the Book Bash posts). ;)

Ashley: This one time at Book Bash I kept seeing this big guy walking around hanging out with a book model. My friend and I walked up to him and asked if he was a model. He turned red and said no. We ran into him again later and asked for a picture because he was just so sweet. He said ” But I’m no nobody.” Such a sweet big cuddly southern gentleman <— Sidenote. LOL. Yep. That’s the 6’5″ brooding, tattooed guy? “Josh”… again.

Catherine: I was in the lift with 6’5″ Josh alone. I really wanted to ask him who he was but I just cowered in the corner. Holy Moly he is large!!!! I’m sure he was so paranoid that I kept having a sneaky goo! Phew easy on the eyes!!!!

Jami: Be careful when handed a sippy cup from a booker! Contains 0% juice!! <— LOL!!!!

Shannon: This one time at Book Bash 2014, I got to go to a karaoke bar with Jamie McGuire, Abbi Glines, C.J. Roberts, Natasha Tomic and some other super awesome fellow readers and watch Jamie McGuire belt out Carrie Underwood and C.J. Roberts belt out an amazing 4 Non Blondes performance. Priceless.

Audra:  I got a cookie from Jack Wilder, which for a hungry pregnant lady who went all day without lunch so she could get her books signed… turned out to be the BEST. SWAG. EVER.

And how about more memories from the Book Bash VOLUNTEERS!!! :D

Book Bash volunteer, Kimberly, and her daughter, and Griffin Peterson!

Kimberly (Book Bash Volunteer): This one time at Book Bash my daughter and I were able to get Griffin Perterson to take a quick picture before anyone else realized it was him and that he was there….

Kimberly (Book Bash Volunteer): This one time at Book Bash I got “lei’d” by Kendall Grey….lol…the Hawaiian Lei kind…

Lyndsee (Book Bash Volunteer): This one time at Book Bash, I saw Katie Ashley’s cover model get licked by a fan!

Steven (Book Bash Volunteer): This year at book bash both of my tongues ended up in way too many photos

Kara (Book Bash Volunteer): This one time at Book Bash I went down to the hotel lobby braless on a hunt to find a hidden copy of Ugly Love. And it was already found *sad face* but I had lots of laughs searching *smiley face*

Mia Lynn (Book Bash Volunteer): This time at book bash… At check in …All the ladies were jazzed about seeing Griffin and talking about how adorable he was… Then all of a sudden he walked through the door. Everyone was so busy checking tickets they didn’t notice. I must have been in shock cause I finally “hey there goes Griffin”. The volunteers all started craning the neck to get a peak at him.

Crysti (Book Bash Volunteer): Yep ^^^

Angie: Meeting CD Reiss was like eating five tons of sugary good cupcakes. The high was pure bliss! I’d have to say that BookBash memory will never fade. LOL! Crap, I was even a total nerd and shed several tears when she signed my books! <— YES. I was THAT girl! Haha.

Kara (a Book Bash Volunteer) & Sylvia Day… signing. On her back. LOL!

Kara (Book Bash Volunteer): This one time at Book Bash I took a selfie with Sylvia Day as she was using my back to sign my books…

And now for the AMAZING AUTHORS!!! We had the most incredible line-up!

Getting ready for the “Author Group” photo. This one made me laugh. So fun!

This one time, at Book Bash, I got to meet SO many of my favorite authors, and so many authors that I just can’t wait to read!

OH EM GEE!!! It’s some of the coolest authors ever!!! :D CJ Roberts, me, Jamie McGuire and Debra Anastasia at Maryse’s Pre-registration party!!! LOVE THEM ALL!

Ready to see what Angstfest was like, in pictures? I’m getting that one ready right now! :D

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Amy July 21, 2014 at 12:09 AM

You are just too freaking adorable. ;)

Maryse July 21, 2014 at 9:13 AM

LOL Amy!!! Awwwww…. shucks! *kicks imaginary stone with her foot*

Sherry D :) July 21, 2014 at 9:56 AM

Brought back such awesome memories !
LOVE the pics with the Authors :)
You seem to NEVER take a bad photo my friend
Love you <3

Maryse July 21, 2014 at 10:01 AM

I’m feeling all nostalgic right now. SO many photos, it’s insane, and each one has so much happy energy. I’d post them all if I could.

And thank you my friend. I was SO happy that weekend. Best weekend of my life. Surrounded by my favorite people, my favorite things in the world (books) and my BFF!! <3 :D

Donya July 21, 2014 at 1:22 PM

Thank you. It was an amazing weekend! Can’t wait til next year

Kimberly July 21, 2014 at 5:01 PM

MARYSE you plan the most awesome event!!! Loved last year and 2014 was the BOMB!!!
The authors / Griffin / friends I LOVED it!!

Kim Cheeseman

Maryse July 21, 2014 at 6:22 PM

I’m so glad you had fun, Kimberly and thank YOU soooooo much for being an awesome Book Bash volunteer!! :D

Maryse July 21, 2014 at 6:22 PM

Thank you Donya, for being a part of it with us!! :D

Cheryl July 9, 2016 at 9:45 AM

Maryse- don’t know how I missed these before. Agree, you do not take a bad photo!

Ok, who’s “Josh”?!

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