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Eeeeeep! I just had a phone interview with Sylvia Day and I was kind of a nervous wreck. LOL!!!! But it was SO much fun, too. I was just too excited I think, considering all of the crazy-awesome Sylvia Day related news lately (the Crossfire TV series – and YES I ask her about it!!) AND in regards to her latest book release yesterday that totally fed my alpha needs. Well… let’s just say I was delightfully overwhelmed while speaking to her, and my head is still “in the clouds” right now.

You’d think I’d have been easier going with the whole thing considering the fact that I video-interviewed her at Book Bash (which is in editing) and I know how much fun I had with that, but nope. I was still nervous. Tee hee! I get that way when I gush over alphas with their makers, you see. ;)

Today’s video interview (only she’s on camera) will post sometime early next week, and she was WONDERFUL. Offered all sorts of amazing tidbits about what she’s been up to, what’s possibly coming next, and hints about the upcoming TV series. I packed as much in as I could in that 5 minutes! I’ll let you know as soon as I post it.

In the meantime, here are today’s latest reader recommendations and bargain ebook finds (and I’m starting it off with my own recomendation since we’re on the “Sylvia Day” subject):

P.S. Any on this list that were standouts for you? Any that gave you that wonderful *jolt*? Let me know! :D

NOTE: bargain priced when I added them, but prices can change on Amazon, so make sure to check before you finalize your order.

  • Afterburn (Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin) by Sylvia Day <— I read this one last night (130 pages) and it was really good! Wealthy tycoon that obliterated heroine’s heart, once upon a time (when she was younger and a little more naive). And as she climbs the ladder to her own success, she finds him again. On the opposing team’s side. GAH!! LOL! SUPER steamy, and he’s a mega-alpha (of course)! If you’re in the mood for more “powerful rich infuriating men” and the women they pursue, then I’d recommend this! Of course, it’s a series so while it’s not a crazy cliffhanger or anything, there will be more to this story (my  full review to come this weekend).
  • Stripped by Jasinda Wilder is live on Amazon right now. Not hugely bargain priced, but still within my bargain “range” and this one looks right up our alley!! ;)
  • Undescribable by Shantel Tessier <—  (thanks Aimee!)
  • The Low Notes by Kate Roth <—  Another student teacher romance book!! And Paula said: “Loved this book!” and Stephanie agrees: “Such a good book! Pick it up for this price.”
  • The Solitude of Passion by Addison Moore <— just released (this was one that caught my eye on Tuesday) and Claudia says:   “… so good!”
  • Trust Me (TAT: A Rocker Romance) by Melanie Walker <— Nancy found us this deal!! and Paulette said: “I Loved This!”
  • Freefall by Tess Oliver <— here’s another that caught my attention earlier this week ’cause of the cover (and the fact that he’s a tattoo artist).
  • Sanctuary of Mine by S. Pratt <—  (thanks Lori!!) Sounds pretty good! High school issues (he’s a football star and she’s suffering from disorders) and when they meet again as successful adults… issues!
  • Truth (Consequences) by Aleatha Romig <— book #2 in her scary dark series (thanks Kat!)
  • Consequences by Aleatha Romig <— and book #1 is bargain priced, too and very good!
  • I Just Want to Pee Alone <— from various authors (lots of ‘em!). I’m posting this ’cause a fellow reader (thanks Christine!) was inquiring about it on our Facebook page and the title made me giggle so I had to look it up. Great reviews! On the edge of my bargain pricing limit but I thought I’d add it to today’s list. :)
  • I Love You to Death by Natalie Ward <— (thanks Stephanie). I hear this one is awesome!! (here is the reading order. Book #2 is coming out in a couple of weeks!)
  • Lockout (The Alpha Group Book Two) by Maya Cross <— Stephanie says: “Lockout (The Alpha Group Book Two) is on SALE …!* If you haven’t grabbed Book One, Locked, is also” and it looks like book #3 will be out in just a few days!
  • Locked (The Alpha Group Book One) by Maya Cross (and here’s book #1)
  • Savage Rhythm (Club Volare) by Chloe Cox <—  Oh this one looks like fun… “Declan Donovan is a liar. He’s lying about what happened to his ex. He’s lying about the reason he knocked out his lead guitarist and best friend, and then kicked him out of the band. He’s lying about going to rehab–he doesn’t even drink. And now he’s lying about the way he feels about sweet, submissive Molly Ward.” Yes please!! Tattooed, rocker (star?) and a Dom. Hoping for some fun times with this one… ;) Oh I just saw the other books in the series. I gotta make that reading order stat! (thanks Lori!)
  • Rock Chick Revolution by Kristen Ashley <— another on the “edge” of that bargain price range but my fellow readers can’t stop talking about it! Kandace: “I’m going to miss those crazy Rock Chicks & their insane posse! PS. I’m going to be talking like the hot bunch and RC’s for the rest of the week….righteous!!!”
  • Thompson Sisters Boxed Set Volume 1 (A Song for Julia, Just Remember to Breathe, The Last Hour) by Charles Sheehan-Miles <—- GREAT DEAL!!! The bundled set (3 books). I love this series, and the last book blew me away. And my fellow readers agree. Claudia: “Guys, you are missing the good stuff, this is one of the best series!” and Kelsey: “Loved this series especially the final book aghhhhhh” (thanks Kirsten for the deal alert!!)
  • Protect Me (Protector) by Tressa Messenger <— Stephanie found us this one! “Protect Me (Protector) is on SALE …” <— vampires!
  • One Lucky Vampire: An Argeneau Novel by Lynsay Sands (PRE-order only) but what a deal! Thanks Aimee!!
  • Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines <— here’s another PRE-ORDER deal!! Michelle found us this one: “Price drop alert! … I love Della and Woods!”
  • Up From the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel by Jeaniene Frost <— and another PRE-ORDER set at an amazing bargain price). I LOVE Cat & Bones!!!
  • Sempre by J.M Darhower <— and another PRE-ORDER super-special. This is the newly published re-release of the original indie version!!
  • No Reverse by Marion Croslydon <— Jami found us this new release. “New Release Sounds really good and really good reviews!”
  • Control by M.S. Willis <— this one is on my TBR list after Shanda highly recommended it. He’s domineering and controlling and wants to possess her. ;)
  • Pierced (Book One of the Pierced Series) by J.C. Mells <—  a ton of great reviews! “Pierce has been on the run for two years from the man who held her captive in a vampire compound for almost a decade.” Oooooh!!
  • In A Heartbeat (Rebel Walking #1) by Hilary Storm <— rock star book on sale (thanks Aimee!)
  • Into the Deep by Samantha Young <— her latest just went down (thanks Nancy!!) Neika says: “Just finished Into the Deep by Samantha Young and absolutely freaking loved it!!! I’m actually going to put it up there with Beautiful Disaster and The Opportunist. It has that coming of age romance, that tend Love!. Many have hesitated because of the cliff hanger but reality its not “A CLIFF HANGER” per say…its just something to look forward to”
  • SPARK by Brooke Cumberland <—(thanks Aimee!) “Being saved by a muscled Godsend was never on her agenda, but when firefighter, Eric Reilley comes into her life unexpectedly, everything changes.
  • Buying Thyme (Thyme Trilogy) by TJ Hamilton <—- thanks Lori) and is about a high priced escort stuck between two men. Er… not at the same time. I think? LOL!!!
  • The Light in the Wound by Christine Brae <— Kirsten highly recommends!! “Did you read Christine Brae’s The Light In The Wound? That was a 5 star read for me this weekend.”
  • Lick: Stage Dive 1 by Kylie Scott <— I’m putting this one back on the recommendations roster ’cause it’s one of my favorite rock star reads!!! And when Jennifer gushed about it “I’m late on this one… but I just read LICK by Kylie Scott! I just started it last night and couldn’t put it down! I absolutely loved it! I cant wait for more in this series.”, I had those warm and fuzzy feelings for my beloved rock star reads come rushing back to me… a must-read!
  • Mid Life Love by Whitney Gracia Williams <– back on the list ’cause you know what? I’m going for it!!! I’m in the mood for this right now, and after Neika’s response to it, I gotta feel that, too! “Mid Life Love…Im soooo in love with this book. I have to admit i was a bit hesitant about the age difference. But holy cow, you totally forget and start to root for the characters. Plus Jonathan is yummy. Definitely a re-read for me” and Anjanette said: “Currently reading Mid life love and can’t put it down, thank u those on here recommending such a great read !!”
  • Where I Need to Be (B&S Series #1) by Kimberly Knight <— Aimee found us this deal and Lori updated us on book #2 & 3): Lori: “The 2nd book is on sale, 3rd book just came out” – the review for all 3 are promising!
  • Wanted (B&S Series #2) by Kimberly Knight
  • Anything Like Me (B&S Series #3) by Kimberly Knight


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Feifei Le August 16, 2013 at 2:20 PM

Thank you for the list Maryse! I can always count on you to have the latest bargain books and for that, I am so thankful! Looks like an angsty weekend for me!

Kate August 16, 2013 at 2:23 PM

Lick was one of my favorite rock star books. Can’t wait for the rest. Also, I finished Freefall last night. Good plot, sexy tattoo artist, intriguing mystery girl. Really liked the side characters. You can tell books will be coming out about his friends. Kind of a rushed ending but I liked it.

Sara August 16, 2013 at 2:24 PM

You should add Nocturne by Andrea Randall & Charles Sheehan Miles on that list! Its coming September 1st :)

Maryse August 16, 2013 at 2:28 PM

Oh I can’t wait for that Sara. Is it up for pre-order?

Maryse August 16, 2013 at 2:29 PM

Thanks for the “Freefall” details, Kate. That one intrigues me.

Sara August 16, 2013 at 2:37 PM

Not sure. But there are a couple of teasers out on the authors websites!

Amy August 16, 2013 at 3:03 PM

My husband is going to burst an eye vessel. I bought 21 books between Tuesday and today – thanks to your posts ;) – and 2 brand new collections from OPI and China Glaze. That’s 24 bottles of nail polish. Please make me feel better and let me know I’m not alone in my addictions, lol!

Maryse August 16, 2013 at 3:18 PM

You should see all my Amazon charges. LOL!!!! Sorry, but I’m right there with y’all. To make myself feel better, I’m going to do my nails tonight with one of my colors. Last week I couldn’t choose so I have mint green, yellow, orange, pinkish/purple and white – one separate color on every nail. Husband had been making fun of my clown hands all week.

*sigh* Well, at least all of my colors got used. LOL!

Seema August 16, 2013 at 3:27 PM

I’m right there with you! My credit card is a sea of Amazon charges!

Jessica August 16, 2013 at 3:40 PM

Have you heard some talk of When You’re Ready by JL Berg? I came across this “gem” by chance and it was truly amazing… It Has to be one of the best books of this summer for me. It’s a $2.99 bargain on Amazon and is an amazing story of loss, healing, and love, and second chances.

Amy August 16, 2013 at 3:46 PM

Ha, you have Skittles nails!!

Deb monkman August 16, 2013 at 3:50 PM

Waited for a month to borrow Sylvia day’s book. What happens in Vegas. Was sooooo disappointed! Good story line but it was only a chapter! What a let down

Michelle August 16, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Raising Ryann 99 cents! Mmhmm…”Bad boy reformed”.

V. August 16, 2013 at 6:28 PM

Thanks for the list. I’ve pre-order Simple Perfection and bought Afterburn.

Kissa Mil Xu August 16, 2013 at 11:03 PM

I love loved The Light in the Wound by Christine Brae! It’s absolutely Amazing. ♥♥♥ A 5+++ star read for me. :)

Lauren August 16, 2013 at 11:06 PM

My son “forgot” about his 11th grade summer reading so I handed him my ipad & told him to download the books & get reading. Well, he comes into my room & asks, “which app do I click on? Nook, Kindle, iBooks, GooglePlay Books?” I snatched it out of his hands & told him I would do it for him cuz I didn’t want him to see the 800+ books & magazines I’ve somehow acquired. Oops! So worth it.

BEpps August 17, 2013 at 6:48 AM

Just wanted to say those who have not read The Light in the Wound .. Read it!! It will move you!! One of my favorites this year!!! Thanks for the all the book updates. Off to one click some more :)

babyrn99 August 17, 2013 at 11:26 AM

Glad to know that I’m not the only person giving all my money away to amazon! Love this blog…thank you so much for your book lists/reviews…I use heavily as suggestions for new reads!

Lisa M August 17, 2013 at 3:10 PM

Just finished reading Lick. Loved it loved it loved it!! Also one of my favorite rock star reads!!!!!

julie o August 17, 2013 at 5:00 PM

I loved “Mid-Life Love”. It was great, she is a fantastic writer. I signed up for her newsletter and have been receiving teasers for “Mid-Life Love
at Last” which I think will be out next month. I am as looking forward to that as I am “Wethering the Storm” and it takes a lot for me to say that!
Also “When You’re Ready” was a real jewell to read. So glad I picked it up.

Lauren August 17, 2013 at 5:04 PM

Just finished Promise Me This by Sarah Ashley Jones & LOVED it! Anyone know when Book 2 comes out?

Donna August 17, 2013 at 10:37 PM

I just finished Pierced by J.C. Mells and it was very good however there are some really dark parts (and not the good kind). If that does not turn you away I highly recommend this book. 0.99 right now!!! WOW Great read

Cindy August 19, 2013 at 7:07 PM

I loved Lick!! It was so sweet and tame-ish (compared to what I thought it would be> cover/title) I would definitely recommend it, one of my fave summer reads! (One of my other faves is not mentioned above but I loved it so much….Sweet Thing) It gave me that jolt that is still with me!! :) thx for the great recommendations!!

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