Zoe found us more Wattpad Freebies!! Hand-picked just for us…

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Zoe from Wattpad found us more free reads that will likely rock our worlds (and links us to genre categories that are right up our romance alley), and she answers a few reader questions about how Wattpad works!!

Also, I’ve been getting AWESOME feedback from our fellow readers telling us that sure enough, they’ve checked out these recommendations and have gone CRAZY for a few of them.

Anna: I looove Wattpad, really. Oh, I’m currently reading one of the books mentioned here: “Kissed” by Carla Krae, it’s amazing <3 I’m reading a lot on Wattpad, sometimes more than on my Kindle lol.

TheWelshBird: I love Wattpad and am always on the look out for new (good) novels on there to review on my blog. It can seem like a needle in a haystack sometimes, but there are plenty of gems. I’ll be checking out your list.

Fritz: I loved The Michevous Mrs. Maxfield! It is one of the books in Wattpad that I really enjoyed reading and was successful in putting a smile and sometimes a good smirk on my face when I was reading it. You should read this Maryse and everyone.

Maree: Wattpad has a mobile app, too, so you can read from anywhere on your phone :) Some Wattpad authors choose to publish chapters on Wattpad as they write each chapter. Some prefer to wait until they’ve written the entire book, then release it chapter by chapter on a regular basis — for example, a new chapter each week. There are both published books, and unpublished stories, available to read. And you can tell if a story is finished by the “completed” button attached to the story. Wattpad now has many published author members who’ve posted full books to the site. So if you find yourself reading a published book, you may well find the eBook either available for purchase — or free to download — at vendors such as Smashwords, iBooks, Amazon etc. Finally, if an author does plan to pull a completed story posted to Wattpad, they generally give heaps of notice, so that those currently reading the story can finish it before it’s pulled. Hope this helps answer your questions :)

And Zoe wanted us to know:

“I saw some of the questions about how best to find Wattpad content. You can use Search, or peruse our category pages to see what’s Hot (popular), or Featured (picked by editorial staff) or New.

But I thought I’d also show you our tag pages – I’ve been digging our New AdultCollege and Biker one, but you can swap out any word in the URL and it’ll bring you to the tag page for that theme! I just tried Urban Fantasy and it looks fun!

Do any of your readers want tips on Writing for Online Engagement: Fiction in a Digital World? One of my fave romance writers, Rebecca Skye, has a new Skillshare class (for free!) that details her tips. http://skl.sh/wattpad Check her Wattpad book The Cheaters Club, with over five million reads to see what she’s accomplished.

And this is cute and different. Margaret Atwood talking about technology and writing, animated!

Also, we found this list yesterday and it totally made us lol in the office. It’s called Netflix and Chill and it’s filled with bookclubs!

And finally – All the girls in the office have been binge-reading this book No Fury obsessively. Trigger warning in the beginning for your readers, but it’s been a big topic of conversation over here and I think you’d be into it. I’ve been calling it the gateway drug into fanfiction, especially if you don’t think you’re a Harry Styles or One Direction fan :)

Ok, hope you have a lovely week! Back to reading :)

Wow… now I HAVE to check out No Fury!!

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