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by Maryse on December 12, 2011 · 3 comments

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I didn’t read a single thing yesterday, and I’m craving a book real bad now. Like… I-can-barely-concentrate… bad. That bad. Luckily my TBR list looks very promising ;) I have soooo many options. All of ‘em are incredibly tempting. Two are definite alpha-male-centric, and one is a rock star… what to start… what. to. start? Hrm.

In the meantime, I’ve compiled some cool news and announcements from some of our favorite authors. This doesn’t require too much concentration and incited some mini-squees from me in the process (and confused me even further as there are a few books in the list below that have been added to my “what-to-read-next” dilemma). ;)

  • Kristen Ashley has released the latest in her Rock Chick series –> Rock Chick Regret - I haven’t even started this one yet, cause I’m so caught up in all of her other alpha-males. I have a great future of reading ahead of me, ’cause I hear this series is hilarious AND alpha-ish!! YAY ME!!
  • Jamie McGuire just announced the title and released the book cover for book #3 in the Providence series!!
“I have a surprise for Providence fans. I’ve reached Chapter Ten (it’s been a productive day!) As promised…it’s time to announce the title of the third and final installment of the Providence series. I present to you: EDEN — with Justin McClure.”
  • Olivia Cunning just released book #2 in her “Lover’s Leap” series —> Twice Upon a Time (Lovers’ Leap)
  • Goodreads Choice Awards results for the best 2011 books have been posted! Teehee! I know I’m so late with this and it’s sorta old news, but I’ve decided to list a few hear because I’m intrigued. I feel like I must read a few of the books that beat out (or came in so close) with some of our favorites!
  • Favorite Book of 2011 - Divergent by Veronica Roth. 10,159 votes!!! WOW!! It’s a YA book, part of a trilogy and beat everything out!! Even Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning. I must read this. Has anyone read this?? The Amazon reviews make it look amazing.
  • Paranormal Fantasy - well I’m thrilled that Shadowfever (MacKayla Lane, Book 5) by Karen Marie Moning won this category. One of my favorite series ever, and I will be following each and every release from the Fever world to come. I LOVE this series!!
  • Romance - J.R. Ward’s Lover Unleashed: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood took this category. Well. *hrmph* I’m at odds. Normally I’d be thrilled cause I love anything Black Dagger Brotherhood (even if it’s not the greatest in the bunch). Annnnndd… this one didn’t really do it for me like Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey” did. Therefore, I’m pouting! Really?? Manny over Fifty? Reeeeeeallllly??? (I’m squeaking here). BEST Romance?? Well, there ya go. At least Fifty came in second. But, really?? Second!??
  • Young Adult Fiction - Where She Went (If I Stay) by Gayle Forman. A great friend of mine REALLY LOVES this series, and highly recommended it to me. IN a sort of BIG BOLD “MUST READ THIS” email. Yep. And guess what? I still haven’t read it. Crazy right?! ‘Cause it seems like exactly what I like to read, supposedly tears your heart apart, and book #2 (I guess it’s this one…) involves a rock star. Hello!!! MARYSE!? When are ya gonna get with the times? This was loved by your friends, and voted in as #1 in the category. How much more convincing do I need? *blush* my bad ;)
  • Laurell K Hamilton has posted some serious Facebook updates and tidbits into her next Anita Blake novel. I think she was conducting a “vote” and making a decision on it…:
“Most of the 500 plus pages has been police work. RPIT with Dolph, Zerbrowski, and even Larry Kirkland on stage. Anita’s even worked with SWAT at least two action sequences (read several chapters a piece) in this book. I know the phone call from Zerbrowski is coming and what it’s about. I think I’m just not sure how bad the disaster will be, so I’m delaying to try and decide. I think this officially means I’m too tired to post. It’s how you end up posting spoilers by accident.”
and then:
“Guys, necromancy wasn’t part of the choice, not if you mean zombies. You can have sex, or straight up RPIT police work. We’re hunting bad vampires this book. We are over 500 pages into book, too late to bring out a new part of the plot, which zombies would be at this point. Sex, or police work, not both, not together – one, or the other. So the inclusion of necromancy in the leading vote answer negates it for me. Sorry, but it does.”

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Maria December 12, 2011 at 8:32 PM

Hi Maryse! I am a fan on FB, and have been reading several of your suggestions…LOVED Beautiful Disaster, Thoughtless, Effortless, How to kill a Rockstar (have you read her “God-shaped Hole??), and FIFTY!!) – thanks for all the great suggestions! :-) Just wanted to say that I read Divergent and completely LOVED it!! BUT – it is very different from what you’ve been reading lately – definitely YA…the romance will be disappointing after all the intense stuff you’ve been reading! ;-) Still good though!

Maryse December 12, 2011 at 9:18 PM

Thanks Maria for that update. I do need a bit more “intense romance” but I’m intrigued with Divergent. God-Shaped Hole is only available in print format (as far as I know) so I haven’t purchased it yet. I hear though, that the end is more hard to deal with? I dunno. I’m scared. If you can tell me that I’ll cry but get over it, I’ll buy it. LOL!

Maria December 12, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Ummm – no – it’s not a “get over it” ending…I cried for a couple of days…imagine if “How to kill a Rockstar” ended without the twist… :-( Still – I loved the intense romance, the angst, the beautiful writing…but yeah, it’s very sad!!
Anyway…I really just wanted to say HI – because I feel like I know you, but you didn’t know I existed! LOL! I can’t keep up with your reading pace (and I can’t handle quite as much of the intense romance…I have to break it up with some lighter YA stuff so I don’t lose my mind!), but I love seeing what you are reading and adding to my (already way too long) TBR list! :-)

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