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With the slew of awesome new books that we are anticipating comes reader questions! When? What? Where? How? Why? LOL!!! ;) Twelve questions in all, for this edition!

Whether our fellow readers were wondering about the “steam-level” of a certain series before embarking on it, or wanted to know if a series needed to be read in order, or just wanted to know when the next release would be, I’ve attempted to answer them! :)

Maybe you’ve been wondering about these same questions, too? Check them out below, and feel free to send me more!


Q: Laura: RE: Experiment in Terror Series: I want to start reading this but is the romance like ya? I don’t need it to be 50shades steamy lol but is it more than holding hands? Hmm is it more twilight or BDB?

A: Laura… no the romance isn’t YA. While it takes a couple of books to start building, it is so worth it. But there is nothing about these books that are YA. I can’t imagine Dex was ever YA (even when he was that age). LOL!! :P

P.S. The latest release (Ashes to Ashes (Experiment in Terror #8) just went live and is the second last book in the series (one more to come entitled “Dust to Dust” – thanks Paula!!). And then after, the author intends to write a spinoff! YAY US!

Q: Jo: Can I ask a question re the BDB series, do they have to be read in order. I have read the first one and I found another in a local charity shop but I think it is book 5, just wondering if I can read it or do I need to read the others first?

A: While the author does write them in a way that they can be read as standalones, it’s best to read them in order as their is a “backstory” that progresses throughout the series. Also, you get to know each character better and better as the series continues, so when you finally get to “their” book, you’re invested! The first 3 books are my favorites. Actually the 3rd one is my absolute favorite and one of my favorite books of all time. You should read them!

P.S. And then I have more favorite books in that series. Like V’s. And Rehv’s. You can’t go wrong reading them all!

Q: Gabby: beautiful disaster - According to iTunes the book is in development for a movie?!? I went through her website but states nothing, I have googled it and some sites “stated” future movie!! I need to find this out!!!

A: Yep, the rights to the movie have been purchased and it is slowly in production. The screenwriting is complete, a producer in place, and possibly a director, too! Check out the latest news on the author’s Beautiful Disaster FAQ here.

Q: Lea : I am so confused. I finished NIGHT OWL. Loved it. Quite unique with its storyline….however…what is going on with the epilogue? *spoiler* I was left with my jaw hanging. Also, the next book is titled Last Light. More thoughts about a possible *spoiler*?? OMG…do you know anything? I’m also intrigues by the author. Is M. Pierce male or female? Not that it truly matters, but it’s nice to at least know cuz I’m so curious. LOL.

A: Hi Lea! LOL!!! Awesome book but I can’t answer any of your questions… yet. All of it is a secret, so I can’t wait for book #2. BUT the series has been signed on by an agent and big publisher, and any rumors you may have once heard about book #2 going “paranormal” have been put to rest. It will remain a contemporary romance series. You can read the exact details here, on the author’s blog.

Q: Neika: Is Kristen Ashley’s Burg series standalones?

A: They can be read as standalones, but much better to read them in order. Book #1 (For You) has tons of stuff that happens that ends up being discussed in book #2 (At Peace). You’re not confused if you start with #2, but you “miss” all of that crazy action in real-time (and lose out on falling in love with them, too). PLUS!!! A very important character from book #1 in that series, appears/crosses-over into her latest release “Jagged“, from her Colorado Mountain series…

Q: Jennifer - Kindle app and categorizing – I talked with you a while ago about this back when it wasn’t available. I remember that it became available for everything but my Kindle Fire! I was wondering if you like it and if you think it is worth it? I am still debating on switching to an iPAD and this would make or break my decision.

A: I use that “Collections” feature all the time, Jennifer. I officially have a TBR NOW list, a TBR SOON list, and a special ARC list for my review copies that I’ve received and need to get to. Keeps me in order. ;) But I will say that I am unfamiliar with other readers and automatically would recommend an iPad, because it is the best of all worlds. I get all of the various book-store apps, plus much of what I can do on my laptop, can also be done on my iPad. LOVE IT!! But one thing I have noticed. Amazon Prime’s book lending is only available to those that have an actual Kindle (not to those that use the app version of Kindle). BUT, Kindle loaning between Amazon book customers stills works for all of us. YAY!

Q: Merilyn: I like the Alex Kennedy character and have heard that there is a book telling his story from his point of view. If there is would you please give me the title so I can purchase it. I am in Canada and have gone to several book stores and have not been able to find it.

A:  Hi Merilyn. It would appear this book (entitled: Everything Changes by Megan Hart) is only available in e-book format. You can purchase it directly on Amazon (or any other online book store that carries it).

Q: Lauren: Does anyone know when Reviving Izabel will be released? The sequel to Killing Sarai? Author says, “before the end of 2013″ but I want to know WHEN!!!! Can’t wait!!

A: You’re in luck, Lauren!! It was just released yesterday. :)

Q: Olga: Will there be a sequel to The Edge of Always? Or is the Song of the Fireflies, book 3?

A: Song of the Fireflies is book #3 but it will be about different characters (that we met in book #2). I’m very intrigued by what’s to come for them…

Q: Mihaela: Hi Maryse i would like to ask you if you know when The Fae Chronicles book 3 will be out I can’t find any thing on it.

Anita: I’ve been searching for that too! I can’t wait! Someone commented on the author’s FB page that it would be Jan/Feb 2014… confirmation would be great!

A: So far the only concrete thing I was able to find was book #3′s title which will be “Escaping Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #3)”. I was able to find a vague answer by the author on her Facebook page (in November) regarding release date for it, saying:

“Not sure on a set date yet. Holidays coming up, and people who help will be busy as well as me.”

and back in October she answered:

“Spring ;)<— side note from Maryse: but that smiley face leads me to wonder if she’s just pulling our legs, considering how far away “spring” is.

Q: Lynn: How many books are expected in beautiful bastard series?

A: Monique: Just finished Beautiful Beginning and I believe they mentioned that this was the final book. <— Thanks Monique!!

Q: Trish: Hi, Love your top 25 best of 2012 books, when will you be putting out your top 25 for 2013? Thanks!

A: Hi Trish! I’m hoping to have it up at the very end of December to early January (just in case I run into another 5-star one before the end of the year). ;)


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Jill December 11, 2013 at 3:11 PM

I think BDB HAS to be read in order!!!! Especially by the 5th, 6th and up books you’d be sooo lost on all the characters and different developments that are happening that it would be frustrating to read. But that is just my little opinion! ;) What I wouldn’t give to start book one all over again not knowing what an awesome vampire world I was getting into. Even the books that haven’t been my favorites or maybe just not as great I as I hoped were still awesome because they at least had fantastic parts or held the promise of a new exciting character. Anyway, they are worth the money to not skip to book 5. :)

Rebecca December 11, 2013 at 5:28 PM

Thanks for the info regarding Experiment in Terror series, I was wondering myself. I just read Dark House over the weekend, and it was very intriguing and to be honest, I can’t stop thinking about it!! So many questions to be answered!! And although there was no romance between Perry and Dex yet (I was prepared to that, thanks to Maryse), I’m hanging out for their ‘hotness’ in the coming books. Such beautifully flawed characters, yet incredibly interesting!!

Anna December 11, 2013 at 9:00 PM

For Merilyn- if you like Alex Kennedy (and who wouldn’t really)- you also need to check out Naked ( It is a whole book with him. Great stuff!

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