Cara McKenna

Reader Question – The book with the most broken book boyfriend…

September 21, 2017

Oooooh YOU GUYS!!! One of my FAVORITE books (and Amy’s too, and a few others in our crew) was just asked about. One I could answer and was SO thrilled to. And if any of you missed this book, our recommendation of it, or my review, I KNEW I had to post this reader question, [...]

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Cara McKenna – Sins in the City Series Reading Order

June 17, 2017

<— CARA McKENNA ALERT!!! This series sounds super-steamy and super risqué! Cheryl: Found out Crosstown Crush is the first in a new ménage series—three standalone erotic romances featuring three-ways! The titles are Crosstown Crush, Downtown Devil, and (tentatively) Midtown Man. Reminds me of the book a while back everybody was raving about, The Ground Rules. Have [...]

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Cara McKenna Sequel News!!

August 29, 2016

Cara McKenna is one of my favorite authors. Incredible writing, unconventional love stories and the INTENSITY that we crave is what she delivers (twist, turns, shocking reveals and controversial subject matters. Plus, sometimes just good ol’ contemporary romance. But DEEPER and… hotter). And guess what?! She just announced that one of her older books (that [...]

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Book Review – Badger by C. M. McKenna

September 23, 2015

Badger WOW!!!! This one tore right through me and had me in pieces, rocking back and forth. I was… melancholy. *phew*!!! I need a hug. No… I need TO hug. I need to hug Badger. Adrian. Every single character in this book. My doggie, a stuffed teddybear. YOU. And yet I loved every single second [...]

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Cara McKenna – Desert Dogs Series Reading Order

June 11, 2015

BIKER SERIES ALERT and by one of our very favorite authors. I even dedicated an entire “book-list” to her alone, she’s just so darn awesome!! I’m a total McKenna-addict! And! This series has a release coming out in just a few days. !!! Virginia: I just finished LAY IT DOWN (Desert Dogs #1) by Cara McKenna [...]

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The Ultimate “Cara McKenna Is Awesome!!” book list.

August 3, 2014

Tee hee!! I couldn’t help myself. I am a Cara McKenna addict and I’m so excited for her upcoming book! Lay It Down: A Desert Dogs Novel <— This TUESDAY!!! It just seems that I love everything that I have read by her, so far, and I have just discovered a plethora of her books still [...]

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Book Review – Hard Time by Cara McKenna

April 19, 2014

Hard Time While this does eventually turn into a book review below (LOL!), it’s also pretty much an ode to everything Cara McKenna (and her awesome stories). I couldn’t help myself. ‘Cause I love love L-O-V-E LOVE this author!! Have I told you yet? Of course I have, because with each new book she releases [...]

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Book Review – Unbound by Cara McKenna

October 19, 2013

Unbound: (InterMix) This author is apparently one of my favorites, ’cause it seems every one of her books I’ve read, I’ve loved. Each one of her stories is unique and unforgettable, often exploring a more taboo look into “adult-life”. Having personal (and very private) desires, her relatable characters might just complete each other. But not [...]

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