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Reader Question – The book about the Hero that meets a little girl called Mikey…

March 21, 2019

Laycie is looking for this one and… awwwww!! It’s already pulling at my heartstrings. Not a ton of detail in her question, but just enough to spark someone’s memory, I’m sure. She asks: I’m looking for a book. Unsure whether you’ll know it. The main man is an ex alcoholic who’s father owns a property. He [...]

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Exclusive Excerpt of Lauren Runow & Jeannine Colette’s “Bryce” and a signed book giveaway!!

November 14, 2018

<— SINGLE MOM & THE MEDIA MOGUL ALERT!! Bryce is going live at midnight & we’re having a signed book giveaway!!! …His name is Bryce Sexton. Media mogul, workaholic and a heart of stone. He’s broody AF and yet every woman in San Francisco wants him. So why won’t he leave me alone? Wherever I go, he’s [...]

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Rachel Blaufeld’s “Hot For His Girl” is live & we’re talking street tacos!!! My. Favorite!!

October 1, 2018

<— RACHEL BLAUFELD’S LATEST BOOK, “Hot For His Girl“,  just went live and I just love the sound of this one! Two bloggers (she’s a single, snarky mom blogger & he’s a sexy professor that has a food blog) fall in love. *squeeeee* Hey!! bloggers need love too!! *snort* “Reid’s blog, Grill and Groom, began on [...]

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A Five Fun Facts with MJ Fields about her latest release, “Cinq A’ Sept”

September 10, 2018

<— THIS ONE JUST WENT LIVE and it sounds like our ultimate guilty pleasure, my friends!!! SINGLE MOM & YOUNGER MAN ALERT! Cinq A’ Sept (that’s french and it translates to “5-to-7″ which is basically… “happy hour”) and I am already totally imagining the angst in this!! Thank you to this week’s newsletter sponsor, author MJ Fields for [...]

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Book Review – Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough

September 3, 2018

Cross Her Heart: A Novel The latest psych-thriller ARC that I was so excited to receive and it’s going live at midnight! You know me and my psych-thrillers. I can’t get enough of them, craving a crazy unputdownable mind-f**k, with a genius twist that makes my jaw drop. Those are the best!!! And yes, this [...]

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Reader Question – The book about the grumpy business owner that hires a single mom…

July 26, 2018

Jessica needs us!! I love grumpy, loner heroes. Makes the “getting there” so much more fun IN BOOKS!! ONLY IN BOOKS. *ahem* She asks: So I’ve been looking for hours trying to find this book and it driving me crazy. It’s about a grumpy business owner who ends up hiring a woman with two kids [...]

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Catherine Bybee – Not Quite Series Reading Order

March 10, 2018

Oh fun!! Book #6 just went live a few days ago and these are on Kindle Unlimited!! AND!!! AND!!! You can listen to the audiobooks (at least books 1-5) on Kindle Unlimited too!! *squeeeee!!!* I can flip from reading to listening back to reading again… seamlessly! About book #1: Waitress and single mom Jessica “Jessie” [...]

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Book Review – Wait for It by Mariana Zapata

November 12, 2017

Wait for It Okay, so you know when I say I’m in the mood for a certain kind of romance read, and I’m always searching for that “next” one? That one that has me dreaming about it, thinking about it, and reading in slow motion during those awesome parts. Those heartfelt, heart-tugging, butterfly inducing scenes. [...]

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