Reader Question – Who was the vampire that was winning against Barrons in a “best-alpha” contest?

November 10, 2016

Another new “twist” on a reader question!! Rene saw this vampire mentioned on another blog (a contest and THIS vampire was winning against some of our favorites!!!) and now she’s trying to remember who he is, so she can read it. She asks: I was trying to remember a book it’s vampires and a book [...]

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Sylvain Reynard – Florentine Trilogy Reading Order

March 9, 2016

Do you guys remember how crazy so many went over this author’s Gabriel’s Inferno series? That one was blowing minds in the student-bossy-pants-teacher romance realm, and guess what? He has another new series and Ellie tells us how it ties in with Gabriel’s Inferno! Ellie: I’ve read all of Sylvain Reynard’s books and love them. The [...]

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Book Review – Written In Red by Anne Bishop

December 20, 2015

Written In Red: A Novel of the Others I returned to my “paranormal/urban fantasy” roots with this one, but considering the BIG love for this book (and series) and that my very own book-buddy, bev, was insistent that I read it, I knew it was time. When I read that blurb I was all… Oh!!! [...]

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Behind the Books – An Interview with J.R. Ward

April 1, 2014

The King: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood <— It’s LIVE!!!! The KING is LIVE! My first The Black Dagger Brotherhood ”love” is back again in all of his leather-clad bad-ass vampire king glory, and we get to indulge in him for hours on end, once again! 592 pages, my friends!!! Allllllll HAIL the KING!!!!!! [...]

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Susan Krinard – 1920′s Vampires/Werewolf Trilogy Series Reading Order

October 14, 2011

As per the author: “Set during the Roaring Twenties… A new vampire/werewolf trilogy” “… Chasing Midnight, my first foray into vampires and also into the 1920′s, an era I fell in love with after watching the movie Chicago. This book has garnered a starred review from Booklist, and it’s one I’m quite proud of. At [...]

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Oh THIS One Is My Favorite Kerrelyn Sparks Cover, Hands Down! The Sexiest Vampire Alive Cover Revealed!

July 3, 2011

Sexiest Vampire Alive (Love at Stake) Gorgeous GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! Gregori is NEXT. He is a young and modern vampire, and quite the player, to boot! I can’t wait to read about him. His human mom will be in the picture too, so this has got to be good! I hope he gives his female match a [...]

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Karen Chance – Dorina Basarab Series Reading Order

February 9, 2011

About the series: Karen Chance took us to a new corner of Cassie Palmer’s world and introduced us to the “lives” of the mysterious vampires who rule the night. Dorina Basarab is a dhampir—half-human, half-vampire. Unlike most dhampirs, though, Dory has managed to maintain her sanity. Now Dory’s vampire father has come to her for [...]

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Book Review – Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon

October 29, 2009

Devil May Cry (Dark-Hunter, Book 11) How to review this book…how…how…? Revelation after revelation from the very start, and I have to do this without letting anything slip. Either I was a little dim during the entire series, or Sherrilyn Kenyon is very clever, because I did not see any of it coming! This is basically “Kat’s” [...]

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