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by Maryse on November 28, 2015 · 13 comments

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Carla has been with us since 2014!!! YAY Carla! And I just love her “favorites” list (a few of my favorites are the same as hers, and the one that made her cry the most, is the same one that made ME cry the most!!). And HECK YES on “Stolen”. OMG!!! :D !!!

She actually submitted this to us for the “10 books that have stayed with me” list, but I love her descriptions and am dedicating it to its very own post to add to our “Reader Favorites” list!

Let’s learn a bit about Carla’s book preferences, shall we?

She prefers the girl’s POV only:

“I don’t like to read the male pov at all. I don’t like to know what he feels and what he think. Because that’s exactly the fun part… when we are inside her head and like her we don’t have a clue about him. It makes things more interesting and intriguing… I don’t even like to read a book when it’s exclusive told by his pov. I only want to be inside her head.”

She’s an angsty unrequited love romance book junkie, like we are!

“Who doesnt love an unrequited love story?! What you said about the slow build and the journey to get there… that’s what I like!”

“Ahhh I love some unrequited love stories. But I want something very real and deep like Experiment in Terror, Fever Series, Heller… You know when she’s pining for him but he just doesn’t see her that way or he doesn’t see her at all… He can even be an ass. I want that deep ache. I haven’t read one like this in ages… Oh I really miss them!”

And when she recommended a book because she enjoyed it, she pointed out:

“…Plus there are enough of push and pull, romantic, pining and unrequited love and even some “oh no he didn’t” moments…”

She’s from Brazil (and was very excited about reading “Kulti“) because…

“1º I’m brazilian! So I LOVE soccer! I’m actually surprised that this author is talking about it, cause this is a sport that are more played in South America and Europe, anyway… I love it! It’s fun!”

Yep! She’s one of us!! :D Ready to see her favorites?

“Here is my list…”

  1. The Host: A Novel by Stephanie Meyer -> The book that I cried the most in my life.
  2. Tell Me Your Dreams by Sidney Sheldon -> It was my first “dark” read… welll… at least for a 13 years old. lol
  3. In Death Series by J.D Robb -> Because Roarke was my first alpha male. And I loved Nora Roberts! Back then I read more than 20 books of her…
  4. Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia by Jean Sasson -> My first heartbreaking read. I was 12. lol
  5. Twilight -> Ah so many reasons. It was beautiful. And my first vampire book.
  6. Fifty Shades of Grey -> Because that book shocked me! I’ll never forget Christian. A love/hate relationship for me.
  7. The Best Laid Plans by Sidney Sheldon – My first “adult” book.
  8. Spirit Bound: A Vampire Academy Novel by Richelle Mead -> Because Rose is my favorite heroine ever. I’ll never forget her.
  9. Stolen by Lucy Christopher -> Because that was my first personal case of Stockholm syndrome. lol
  10. Mystery Man (The Dream Man Series Book 1) by Kristen Ashley -> That was the book that made me go crazy for all the alphas in the world. (also my first KA book)


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Theresa November 28, 2015 at 7:52 PM

I could sure use the “adult” version of Rose in Vampire Academy. She was one of my fav charaters as well.
Fifty is on HBO this weekend but book of course was better.

Lisa November 28, 2015 at 10:09 PM

Oh I so love readers top ten’s. :)
Thank you for sharing Carla. I too loved Kulti. But other than Twilight, 50 and KA I haven’t read many others on your list.
Checking them out. Cheers.

Tessa November 28, 2015 at 10:15 PM

Wow, I haven’t seen Sidney Sheldon mentioned in years. My mom got me into his books, and I’m pretty sure I read both of those, though I liked Best Laid Plans better. I think with all the crying, I’ll avoid The Host. NOPE! I love seeing the In Death series. Those are good, even some thirty books later. Rourk still makes me swoon and Eve is still Kick***. The characters just keep growing, making me love them even more.

Teri November 29, 2015 at 5:10 AM

I love this list because they are some of my top favorites too. Great books! Especially glad to see the In Death series mentioned. So great.

Cheryl November 29, 2015 at 9:51 AM

Other than Fifty Shades I haven’t read any on your list. I loved Kulti too. Going to check out the others on your list. I agree about loving books that the feelings are unrequited or slow to happen and reading in her pov. ;)

Sharon November 29, 2015 at 3:34 PM

I loved this list! By the way, Untamed? Worth it. Griffin did more than grow on me. I ended up loving him!

Fabi November 29, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Carla, I can’t believe The Host is in your top spot. Awesome book. I’ve only read your 1, 5, & 6. Which means I now have an awesome list of new (to me) books to check out. :-)

Lisa M November 29, 2015 at 7:43 PM

Mystery Man is one of my all time favourites of Kristen Ashley. I have read it multiple times!!! Hawk Delgado hot hot hot!!!’

Lauren November 29, 2015 at 11:52 PM

I read Sidney Sheldon’s Rage of Angels when I was 11yrs old….and reread it dozens & dozens of times. I had actually read The Godfather a few years prior to this but Rage of Angels showed me that a Mafia story could also be a romance story as well as action packed & suspenseful. It blew me away!!

Pia November 30, 2015 at 3:45 PM

I have actually read the book by Jean Sasson. There is a second book in the series and maybe a third as well. I read the first two books 15 or 20 years ago, but still remember them and agree with you – they were heartbreaking (at that time ;.) )

MichelleS November 30, 2015 at 7:10 PM

I love the Death series too. I didn’t even know it was Nora Roberts at first. The setting in the future, the chemistry. When I watch Castle now, it has that same chemistry. Super hot. And cool crime mysteries. Love that series. I have to get back to it. I am so behind.

Carla December 1, 2015 at 1:46 AM

Omg! When I saw the title of this post I thought that this Carla was someone else and then as I was reading, I was like “wait a minute, I remember this. Is this actually me?” Hahaha I was really surprised. Thanks for the post, Maryse. ;)

I really remember when I said that. I was craving for some unrequited love story, which unfortunately I haven’t found it yet. Please, if some of you do, let us know.

Maryse, actually you’re the one who made me get out of my confort zone and read Stolen and 50 Shades and eventually Mystery Man. Thanks for that! I’m not sure either, but I think I’ve been around since 2012, cause I remember reading your 50 shades of grey review and you’re so excited that couldn’t let it go. lol

Great to know that many of you have read the in death series as well. But I guess I gave it up after the 13th book. I used to love those characters but eventually I just needed to get some closure for them, so I just let it go.

I guess I had a Sydney Sheldon’s phase when I was a teenager just like I had a Nora Robert’s phase. lol I read all his books and I still have all of them. But ‘Sweet Dreams’ is my favorite one. That is a great book everyone. But ‘The best laid plans’ is also a favorite.

Anyway, actually IDK if these books are my top 10 favorites, but they are the books that have marked my life the most. For different reasons (as I said in that post), which one of them have a soft spot in my heart. I recommend all of them guys.

Maryse December 1, 2015 at 1:58 PM

Yay Carla!!!! I’m so glad you saw it!!! *hug* :D

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