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by Maryse on January 31, 2011 · 4 comments

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Betrayed: A House of Night Novel
This book was the start of my appreciation of the series. The overly-adolescent writing style seemed toned down, and I could actually begin connecting with  the characters.

In this installment, Zoey and friends have a new position in their House of Night High School. In book one, good triumphed over evil, as they managed to take the “Hags from Hell” down a notch. Now, Zoey and “friends” are the new leaders of the Daughters of Night, proving that their good intentions and powerful gifts from the Goddess can help restore balance to their society.

But let’s think again. Could this group of mean girls truly be evil (especially Aphrodite – the head mean girl?), or are they, too, struggling personally as Zoey has? Things are not always as they seem, and Zoey learns this first hand on “parent night” when she realizes that she’s not the only one with awful parents.

It made me see Aphrodite with totally new eyes, which I wasn’t particularly thrilled about.

As she adjusts to her new position in school, and continues to learn from her gifted High Priestess mentor, Neferet…

Neferet put her arm around me. “I like what your grandma said – that maybe someday you can find the ability to forgive your mother.”

I stared at the door the three of them had just disappeared through. “That someday is far away.”

Neferet squeezed my shoulder sympathetically.

I looked up at her, so glad she was there with me, and I wished – for about the zillionth time – that she was my mom.

… the human world continues to intercede in her life. Some human boys from her old entourage have been found missing or dead (apparently by vampyre bites) and the police are questioning her. Her ex-best friend Kayla had informed the authorities that she saw Zoey drink her human ex-boyfriends blood, and then threatened her. (Oh yeah, did I forget to mention – it’s true – in book one, Kayla and Heath tried to “break” Zoey out of school, and well things went from bad to worse). Now with these murders, her future suddenly has taken a complicated turn.

But that’s not all. Zoey has her suspicions about Neferet (her very own mentor). This highly respected High Priestess with overwhelming power and influence, poise and elegance, motherly attentions yet a potential for deadly wrath has suddenly made Zoey very nervous. Zoey has glimpsed a few atypical moments into Neferet’s private life that should never have been witnessed. From fleeting looks of hatred in her eyes, to an occasion where Zoey eavesdropped and heard Neferet utter cruel and belittling words to a particular student. This is so unlike the loving caring and protective Neferet that has taken her under her wing. Is there more to her story?

And to make matters worse, Zoey’s love life is a little mixed up. Okay a little? More like a lot. And we all know how matters of the heart, especially for a teen, can upset an already tentative situation. While her “almost” boyfriend Erik was away on an acting trip, she ran into her ex-human boyfriend, Heath. Remember how I said in book one, she accidentally drank some of his blood? Well, that kick-started a vampyre/human bond between the two. Heath’s reaction to her was intense, and while they’ve always loved each other, this new connection has him somewhat obsessed.

Running into him, during her personal need for a moment of “human normalcy”, they reconnect, and he proves to her (and us) that he’s actually sweet and adorable, polite, patient and respectful – a good guy. The Heath she has known all her life, and originally fell for. And while she insists that his intensity towards her is due to their blood bond, there is just something about Heath that makes us all feel, his love for her is genuine. Which leads to something more…which involves another erotic bite. Yup, despite Neferet’s warning about not seeing him again to lessen their connection (out of site out of mind) she’s just connected them together even more deeply. And feels like she loves him back. They’re fully “Imprinted”.

So now we’ve got Erik (the sweetest and sexiest guy in her life), Heath (the boy she has loved all her life) and… Loren.

Everyone thought I was the lucky girl who had caught Erik after he’d escaped from Aphrodite’s nasty spiderweb (and by web I mean crotch). Hell, I thought I was lucky to have him, something that had been hard to remember when I was sucking Heath’s blood and flirting with Loren.

Loren? Yeah…and this is bad. He’s the hottest, sexiest man she has ever laid eyes on (all the girls are crushing). Yes. Man (albeit young). And. He’s a teacher at her school (sorta).

“Beautiful and intelligent and innocent,” he whispered.

Ruh roh.

Oh…and there’s a very sad part (kind of one of the most important parts). Made me wanna cry. And it opens up a whole new chapter to House of Night realm.

Okay, so I think that about covers it. So the rest is up to you. I enjoyed the ride, and the ride is far from over, and book #3 is calling me. I’m in withdrawal from this adventure/mystery/love story and gotta get back it. What a tangled web she’s weaved, and I’m so happy to be caught up in it.

4 stars!

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LilyofDarkness January 31, 2011 at 3:00 PM

A teacher? What a dangerous road! HOW VA! Now I is excited. I start this series tonight. Let the biting begin!

Reena Jacobs January 31, 2011 at 6:31 PM

My daughter read the first 3-4 books of this series and really enjoyed it. I loved the first line of book one. Something about the dead guy standing by her locker. Talk about a hook. :)

Maryse February 1, 2011 at 7:49 PM

yup… that’s exactly what I thought ;) I sure did enjoy Dimitri. LOL! How about this teacher? Quite dreamy…but I can’t say anything more!

Maryse February 1, 2011 at 7:50 PM

For a YA series, it’s really quite intoxicating. I mean, minus the weird teen-talk and the frequent messy sobbing (LOL!), the stories and emotional involvement are actually quite fun!

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