Lily’s Book Review – Dangerous Highlander by Donna Grant

by lily on May 6, 2011 · 5 comments

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Hey guys. Get in here quick *darts look around*, there is something out there. I may or may not have forgotten to rinse out my blood bottles. There are herds of mosquitoes and I keep hearing noises! I’m not scared or anything, you know, cause I’m a vamp and everything, but I don’t like thinking about what it might be out there…. what if it’s Blade? Ok, ok, can we change the subject?

So, because of all the Paul Marron madness, and because it was FREE, I picked up Dangerous Highlander: A Dark Sword Novel. I have had Highlanderism before, so I know I like the men in Kilts. I was wondering if it would be paranormal or not though and that was put to rest right away. The book opens with a brief history lesson. Remember when Rome owned pretty much all of the known world? When they took on the Celts they bit off a bit more than could be chewed thanks to some help from the Druids. Freeing long forgotten about gods was the only way to win

The gods, freed at last, eagerly answered the Druids’ call and bound themselves into each clan’s fiercest warrior. Those warriors, with the aid of the god’s inside them, attacked every Roman they encountered. Battle after battle ensued, until, finally, Rome abandoned Britain.

Yet the gods were still thirsty for blood, still hungry for battle. With the Romans gone, the warriors turned on one another…and anyone who got in their way.

Unable to banish the gods the Druids were able to seal them away inside the warrior, and time passed. Then, one, who was very power hungry, found the scrolls and was determined to use the gods to create her army to rule the world. Only one tribe was listed, and that was the MacLeod’s. She released the gods in them but was unable to keep them as prisoners. After escaping to their castle they found all of their clan murdered and sealed themselves away from humanity for 300 years. Fallon turned to wine, Quinn embraced the rage and Lucan found a way to control himself, just because someone had to.

Fate often jumps in here and messes up the best laid plans. Sweet, young orphaned Cara is picking mushrooms to help the nuns she lives with one day, when she ventures too close to the castle. When suddenly the necklace her mother gave her before she died gets very hot. Taking it off to check it out, it is ripped from her hands by the wind. Determined not to let her mother down she leaps after it, When the ground gives beneath her, Lucan MacLeod knows he can not let another innocent die. He rescues her, but not without great cost to himself.

He landed as softly as he could so as not to disturb the woman and found Quinn watching him with narrowed eyes full of malice and hate. Itnwas a look he had gotten used to over the course of three hundred years.

“Well, well, Brother,” Quinn said between clenched teeth. “What have you been keeping from us?”
Lucan pushed past him and strode to the castle through the driving rain. There would be time for questions later.

Quinn caught up with him. “What in God’s bones do you think you are doing? You can’t bring her to the castle.”

“I canna leave her in the weather, either,” Lucan argued. “Do you want to take her to the village like this? Besides, she’s fainted, and I dont know where she lives.”

“It’s a mistake, Lucan. Heed my words.” They might be monsters, but that didn’t mean he had to act like one. For too long they had hidden in the castle, watching the world through windows of their crumbling home. This was his one chance to do something good, and he wasn’t about to pass it up.

AND from his other brother?

“Lucan, I’m drunk, but I’m not inebriated enough to miss the fact you have a woman in your arms. In the castle. Which isna allowed, I might add.”

Those brothers are some haters for sure. Things heat up between Cara and Lucan, and I have to say, I was excited for them. His life was so empty and hers so very very boring until they met. The moments between them left me with a big cheesy grin on my face.

“I’m supposed to protect you,” Lucan murmured.
Cara rested her hands on his muscular chest and nodded. “You do.”
“Then who protects you from me?”

AND THEN HE KISSES HER, and I melt into a puddle of stupid girl goo who falls for crap like that. Their time is coming though. The evil that unleashed the monsters within them is no where near done with them, but she has her sights on Cara as well. As the group have to face not only the external demons, deal with the monsters inside, they also have to come to grips with their past and decide their own future.

“We all want something we can not have Fallon. The object is different for everyone, whether they are Warriors or mortals.”
Fallon’s face was lined with weariness and fatigue.
“She’s a good woman, Lucan. A mortal who will dies while we live on. Don’t promise her something you canna give her.”
And that was the crux of the matter. Lucan wanted to promise her anything and everything. Just so long as she stayed with him always.

Aww Lucan…I heart you!

Wait!! Did you hear that?! I know I am not making this stuff up! Yeah, so anyways, I really liked this one and it has me wanting to read the next in the series.

No, seriously, did you hear that?! Wait, don’t leave…I have books, please……*whimper * pwease?

 Lily from “Lilium’s Realm 

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Jennifer May 6, 2011 at 11:15 PM

Hey…speaking of highlanders, is the highlander series that Karen Marie Moning any good? Anybody read it? I really like the way she writes and was thinking of checking it out.

Debra May 9, 2011 at 2:59 PM

Sounds good. Will have to check it out.
@ Jennifer — I enjoyed KMM’s Highlander series quite a bit. Especially the later ones with the MacKeltars and Adam Black .. definitely worth checking out if you like her books.

Wendy bryant May 9, 2011 at 3:05 PM

I really liked the highlander series by kmm. It’s fun and the books get better as the series goes!

LilyofDarkness May 9, 2011 at 3:11 PM

@ Jennifer – I have only read three highlander books and they were good – not Barrons of course, but good. I am going to finish reading that series one of these days. LOL

Maryse May 9, 2011 at 7:46 PM

I hear Adam Black’s book is VERY good…

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