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Curio and the Curio Vignettes
Another awesome short story that had just enough of everything for me to feel like I got a ton out of it, and wished for more once it was done. This one’s been brought up a few times in my reading past, but I hesitated, due to it’s length.

Yanira: Curio by Cara McKenna and Damaged Goods by Lauren Gallagher. The guys in both are male prostitutes, but they are very human and there’s something very real amongst all the erotic element, which of course it’s there, but there’s so much more…

Stacy: So speaking of male prostitute’s (never thought I’d say that) LOL, there is a book, Curio by Cara McKenna.  She is the same author who wrote Willing Victim.  A woman visits a French male prostitute and the story is about how their relationship evolves from there.  There is alot of dialogue and emotion in this one…  This was a really good book!

Really? Can this be that good at only 132 pages long? I like to live in a good book for at least an entire day or two, and I didn’t see a short having that kind of *oomph*. I didn’t have much experience with short stories and didn’t think I’d get much out of one. But over the last few months, I’ve come across 4 or 5 of them that have been as intense and as fulfilling as full length books, and I shall discriminate no longer. When Mandi reminded me of this one, on my Top 13 Illicit Bad Boys list, I knew it had to be next! And let me tell you, those who recommended it were spot on. Short, sure, but it packed quite a seductive punch, and even had a “WHOA! I didn’t see that coming!” moment that cinched this as another 4.5 star read for me!

It had this really intimate feel. Okay “intimate” yes of course like you’re thinking ;) , after all, he is a male prostitute. But it was way more then that. When I say intimate, I mean a quiet, introspective, personal, magnetic feel between one (or maybe two?) lonely souls just looking to connect. Seductive is the best word I can come up with. Like two sexy strangers sitting together for long lengths of time in a cozy, low light ambiance setting, chatting, drinking wine, sharing foods, opening up, and getting to know each other… in all respects.

He was an Armani campaign, lounging on how old couch in this moody, elegant apartment, candles flickering.

And it was just that. I didn’t want to leave the apartment. And neither did she, because over and over again, “Caroly” makes another “date” with her man (Didier). Not something you’d really expect from a prostitute, but this one… he was open to more then just the sexual experience. He wanted to be there for the woman in any way she needed him, and knowing her, pleasing her, even on a personal level, he claimed was his greatest pleasure.

And this guy wasn’t a pay by the hour type… more like a pay by the night, and he gave her his full attention.

Why was she interested in his services? Caroly (29 and still a virgin) didn’t have the confidence to be with a man that she was 100% attracted to.

In truth they intimidated me, because they had the power to disappoint and humiliate me, and confirm everything I feared about my own awkwardness.

Not wanting to settle for less than what she wholeheartedly wanted, and afraid of rejection from that very type of man, she figured this was the only way to get what she wanted. The guys of her dreams (looks-wise) and to become a “normal woman”.

“I’ve spent too much time in my own head, imagining things I’ll never be able to have, and no one in real life could ever live up to my ideas.”

“You can have those things with me.”

“I hope so. But once I leave… I’ll never really be able to have you, a man like you. But I want to experience it anyhow. Like a wonderful feast I’ll never be served again.”

Whoo. Deep.

Yep. And the friendship and trust that she develops with him comes with a pesky reminder that she is paying for it. Lots of realistic angst, apprehension, and “feeling” in this one. Growth, self-exploration, and certain things come to light… and this one is a whole lot more then “erotica”. I LOVED IT! SO much… and like I told my Facebook crew, this one could SO have a full length part #2. But don’t think it’s because this one didn’t have everything it needed to be wonderful. It did… it’s just that the characters were so fascinating, so rich, deep and tangible, that I know there could be so much more to come.

4.5 stars!

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I love the cover :D

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