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It’s news time! Of course tomorrow is new book release day, but a bunch of news was posted today, so I thought I’d share… a cover reveal, a contest or two, another free read, bargain books, an update regarding ebook corrections, a new series announcement, an early book release that seems to be making many of our crew *squee* and the latest in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie news! :)

  • Lisa Renee Jones just announced that the first book in her “Inside Out Trilogy”  (If I Were You) is a free-read right now on XOXO After Dark’s website (Gallery Books)!! Here is the direct link to read it for free (it’s featured on the right hand side of the homepage).
  • Lisa Renee Jones also reminds us that tomorrow, we finally get the highly anticpated (by me!! hehe) conclusion of this crazy trilogy! Revealing Us (Inside Out Trilogy book #3) will finally go live, Maybe at midnight tonight?
  • Christina Lauren just sent me a cooooool link for y’all (for Beautiful Player‘s upcoming release)! P.S. Here’s the series reading order. They say (yes, that’s right, THEY ;) - Christina and Lauren are TWO authors) say:

“We are so excited to share the prologue and first three chapters of BEAUTIFUL PLAYER on this site Simon & Schuster has made for us. …  and then you’ll get to meet more Will!!”

sidenote: BUT! It appears your must invite a friend once you get there to “see it” (details on the link above): “The preview will only be revealed once you invite at least one of your VIP friends to the event, because after all, a party is only as good as its elite guests.

  • Kele Moon (author of one of my favorites boxer books: Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts)) just announced the upcoming release of a new book series that she’s been working on for years. She says:

“… they were always in the back of my mind. They were my largest project, my grandest world, my favorite characters and they were a testament to a time of great pain for me that taught me I was stronger than I realized.

After a lot of hand wringing I’ve decided to publish them. . . This is my third year anniversary of being published and I feel like it’s finally time.

So here they are. . . The Age Of Alphas.

Winter’s Dawn releases on Sept 22nd for the early sale price of 99 cents”

“I know many of you were upset with the typos in Sometimes It Lasts. Behind the scenes I was trying to figure out what happened. My publisher did find that there was a mistake in the file uploaded. They are replacing the ebook file that is currently for sale with the properly edited one. Give it a few more days and if you already have the ebook you can update your file for free from whatever site you purchased it from. There isn’t new materiel in the updated file just a cleaner manuscript. Thanks for those of you who were understanding and I am sorry to all of you who were so displeased by this. I can understand your frustration.”

“ENDLESS KNIGHT by the numbers:
1. Of all books I’ve published, I think EK is tied for 1st.
2. I might’ve drawn on my horror roots in 1 scene, so beware.
3. Also beware: I kind of went there with the steam (and by “kind of”, I mean “really, really”, for a steam factor of 9.5)
4. The story picks up exactly where POISON PRINCESS left off (pg 369 of PP = pg 1 of EK).
5. You’ll meet 3 new Arcana.
6. There are at least 2 major series-level revelations.
7. Only 22 days left till publication!
Another snippet and more news to follow this week…”
  • Paige Weaver reveals cover of book #2 entitled Promise Me Light (after Promise Me Darkness) on her Facebook page right here! Release date will be September 24th 2013! P.S. My most frequently asked “What is the book title?” question is this one: “I am looking for a romance book revolving around college students and there is an emp attack and they struggle to survive and make their way home. Completely forgot the name!” <— in fact, that one came this morning… ;)  My answer is now officially this: (LOL!! – yes. THAT is how often I get this question – I have it in my “draft” folder so I can find it easily…): “Yep. It’s Promise Me Darkness by Paige Weaver. :) Book #2 should be out soon I think. Here is my review of #1:
  • J. Lynn’sWait for You” is on sale right now Thanks Stephanie! (see my review)
  • Tiffany Snow’s first book (No Turning Back) in her “Kathleen Turner” series (Thanks Stephanie!!). I know a TON of our fellow readers love this series and are either team Kade or Blane (they’re brothers…) ;)
  • Charlie Hunnam (Christian Grey) discusses his upcoming role in the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey! “…there was a tangible chemistry between us,” (as seen on Hollywood Reporter).
  • Dakota Johnson (Ana Steele) is seen here with one of our favorite authors, EL James in NY, and E.L. seems to just loves her!!! Check out the entire article on NY Daily News (photos, a video with Melanie Griffith discussing the casting of her daughter and the producer tweeting: “There is a lot that goes into casting that isn’t just looks. Talent, availability, their desire to do it, chemistry with other actor, etc.,” he tweeted. “So if your favorite wasn’t cast, then it is most likely due to something on that list. Keep that in mind while hating and keep perspective.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey movie: Here are even more behind the scenes tidbits of this casting (on LATimes) – details such as:
  1. Melanie Griffith tweeted: ”My beautiful child Dakota has been chosen to play Anna Steele in 50 Shades!!!’ Griffith, 56, tweeted on Monday.
  2. E.L. James tweeted: “To all the supporters, lovers and haters – thank you so much for the passion that you have for this project. You all rock. All of you,”
  3. Some actresses turned down the role due to frontal nudity issues.
  4. E.L. James wanted Rob Pattinson as “Christian Grey”.
  5. Quoted directly from the article: “Apparently, Hunnam reportedly wouldn’t sign on to the role until he knew who would play Ana, according to the Wrap.”
  • Ilsa Madden-Mills has just been released her first book “Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy 1)” - I haven’t read this one yet, but many of our fellow readers (like Toski) have received review copies and have come by to say that they absolutely loved it! And a few that have just picked it up since last night’s release are also loving it! In fact, Kandace just told me: “Maryse, Toski was right on with this one. It is an amazing book. I feel like I’m right there living the story with Nora. I really can’t believe this is a debut novel.” and Sue agreed saying: “This is one of my absolute favorite books of 2013! Amazing story and just beautifully written!”
  • And!! In case you missed my latest reviews, I had a GREAT reading week last week. Here are all of my latest reviews (one book, I read so intently that my neck and shoulders were aching like crazy, the next morning). Was I just so tense while reading? Or maybe I didn’t bother changing positions for almost 9 hours straight as I read it. I say both. ;) —> 
  • Book Review – Good by S. Walden (freaked me out!!! I couldn’t put it down),
  • Book Review – Against the Ropes by Sarah Castille (so sexy and alpha-y but also made me laugh tons!!),
  • Book Review – The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty (eloquently written, with twists and turns and the end left me stunned) and
  • Book Review – Savage Rhythm by Chloe Cox (a good “in-between” romance/Dom read).


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Rachel Harris September 9, 2013 at 4:22 PM

I LOVE these posts because I get all my news and find out about exciting new releases…on the other hand, my bank account grumbles with me ;)

Thanks for the latest, Maryse!

Maryse September 9, 2013 at 4:24 PM

My pleasure, Rachel!! :D I get my dose of news at the same time. ;)

Martha September 9, 2013 at 5:11 PM

Pearl trilogy is back to $9.99 for the bundle on amazon.

Maryse September 9, 2013 at 6:51 PM

ahhh okay thank you Martha!!

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