T.J. Klune – Green Creek Series Reading Order

August 1, 2018

T.J. KLUNE ALERT!!! MUCH LOVED M/M paranormal (werewolves) series and book #2 just went LIVE!! !! MichelleS: WOLFSONG! I will never forget these characters, the werwolf lore, the story… the FEELS… just loved the heck out of this book. …WOLFSONG was perfect for me. My only complaint is leaving their world behind when I was [...]

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Anne Bishop – The Others Series Reading Order

August 23, 2014

New paranormal/urban fantasy series that is putting a few of our fellow readers in a delightful book-fog. This one comes HIGHLY recommended by both Bev and Michelle! Bev is going all “my preciousssssss” on it. LOL! Bev: There are two books that I have to mention the first came out last year and the next in what I [...]

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Suzanne Wright – The Phoenix Pack Series Reading Order

September 13, 2012

I hear this series is AWESOME and funny and steamy. I haven’t read ‘em yet, but I KNOW I’m probably missing out going by the enthusiastic recommendations below. Here is the reading order guide  for Suzanne Wright’s “The Phoenix Pack” series: Missy: Hi Maryse, Just ran across a GREAT read by Suzanne Wright – Feral Sins (The [...]

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Book Review – Love is Darkness by Caroline Hanson

April 8, 2012

Love is Darkness (A Valerie Dearborn Novel) I finished this one with a smile on my face. LOVED every minute of it. Never got bored, and never put it down. Nope. Start to finish I devoured it. AND!! I felt all of the emotion and turmoil and apprehension and… *ahem* other stuff  as the story [...]

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Jodi Redford – That Old Black Magic Series Reading Order

February 19, 2012

About the series: Warning: A witch, tiger and wolf doing naughty things. A dead voodoo queen doing evil things. And zombies doing zombie things. Get your shovels ready. That Voodoo You Do: That Old Black Magic, Book 1 The Seven Year Witch: That Old Black Magic, Book 2 Maximum Witch: That Old Black Magic, Book [...]

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Book Review – Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

August 1, 2011

Dragon Bound (A Novel of the Elder Races) Suggested frequently as a must-read, I was excited to get started. Since it features a super dominant alpha male with a few jealousy and control issues, it was sure to strike a nerve, and I was certainly in the mood to be emotionally nervous While I enjoyed [...]

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Christine Feehan – Leopard Series Reading Order

July 17, 2011

Kelly highly recommends these: “… take a bit of time to read christine feehan Dark Series and her Leopard Series they are very good.” and Tammy says: “… they were full of adventure, shapeshifting and romance, just what I love.” About the series: #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan first introduced readers to the Leopard [...]

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Book Review – Vampire Mine by Kerrelyn Sparks

June 11, 2011

Vampire Mine As much as I have loved most of the books in this series, on occasion, I hit one that just didn’t do “it” for me. This is one of them. It was “okay”, but not great. No butterflies for me. I was looking forward to Connor’s story. From one book to the next, [...]

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