An “add-on” to the Latest Paranormal & Contemporary Romance Book Releases – October 16th 2013

by Maryse on October 16, 2013 · 9 comments

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Looks like a few more new releases came out yesterday, and some of our favorites went into bargain mode! So consider this an add-on to yesterday’s “new releases” post. ;)

P.S. I’m on a “fighter-fest” these days and loving it. And there are so many new fighters to choose from, and a few of ‘em are in the bargains, below!


  • Consumed by Skyla Madi <— MMA fighter book and I really liked this one! Here’s my review (and take a look at the author’s muse – I added the link to it in my review).
  • Abel (5th Street #4) by Elizabeth Reyes <— fighter!! Nancy says: “I love this series!” (I loved book #1, so I need to get on these!) “Abel’s training for the biggest fight of his career. He has no time for a social life, much less a relationship. So this arrangement couldn’t be more perfect. A beautiful woman asking him to help her alleviate her neglected desires—no strings attached. What more can he ask for?” <— hehe. Yah… that’s probably not gonna work out for him. ;)
  • The Edge Of Darkness by Melissa Andrea <— book #2 will be out soon (The Grace in Darkness on Oct 22)! “Ryland quickly sweeps Araya away from her grey existence. For the first time since the accident, living in darkness is no longer something Araya wants to do willingly.
  • Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy) by Ilsa Madden-Mills <— (here’s my review)
  • Nocturne by Andrea Randall and Charles Sheehan-Mile (thanks Nancy!!! I loved it, and it’s an angsty student-teacher romance!! Here’s my review)
  • One Pink Line by Dina Silver  Stephanie says: “This one has a lot of great reviews with a high rating!”
  • Embrace (Evolve Series #2) by S.E. Hall <— this very recent release (and so is the first book!) – here is my review of book #1)
  • Chasing Serenity (Seeking Serenity) by Eden Butler <— I noticed this one yesterday ’cause it’s a new release, and one of my fav authors highly recommends. Some of our fellow readers are loving it, too! Kandace says: “She said she devoured it in one night and really liked it. Looks interesting. Has anyone else read it?” and Georgia said: “Yes yes it was me and i loved it!!”
  • Just One Song by Stacey Lynn<— Lia found us this one! She says: “hottie rock star , tattoos and… lots of fun”


  • Riptides (Lengths) by Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt <— “Jessica has a huge secret–and when it’s revealed, it not only crushes Enzo, but has the last person he wants to ask a favor of–his brother-in-law Adam–bailing him out of jail. Enzo is convinced that the only way to mend his bruised ego and heart, is to pack his bags and leave the turbulent waters of Silver Strand…for good.”
  • Beat of the Heart (Runaway Train) by Katie Ashley <—ROCK STAR BOOK alert!! “… puts her into the orbit of drummer and Latin Lover, AJ Resendiz. After a scorching weekend of steamy passion, Mia’s intention of getting out with her heart unscathed is challenged by the stud with the wicked sense of humor, especially when he wants to continue seeing her. But when the harsh reality of AJ’s hoard of female admirers sends her insecurities into overdrive…” (yep! That would freak me out, too). (thank you Kathy!!)
  • Sweet Surrendering by Chelsea M Cameron <— new release!! (thank you Nancy!!) “When Rory Clarke ends up hiring the guy she spent one steamy night with to be her administrative assistant, she’s determined to keep things professional.
  • Treasure Your Love by J.C. Reed has just been released!
  • Revealed (House of Night Novels) by P.C. Cast was just released (for those of you that have been following her House of Night vampire series)
  • Castle Hill: A Joss and Braden Novella by Samantha Young <— PRE-ORDER is up. YAY MORE Braden and Joss!! (will be released on December 3rd 2013 – and here is where it fits in the series reading order)
  • Winning Me Over by Amber Garza “It’s a typical boring night at work when I first meet the mysterious and sexy Colt Lancaster. Minutes after he leaves, I’m robbed at gunpoint by a masked man. I suspect the two events are related.”
  • Destiny, YA Paranormal Romance (Brightest Kind of Darkness Series, Book #3) by P.T. Michelle <— author notes: “** SPECIAL RELEASE WEEK PRICE  and a SIGNED eBook edition of DESTINY! If you’d like a signed eBook copy, get it while it’s available during release week only! **
  • Mid Life Love: At Last by Whitney Gracia Williams <– book #2 after Mid Life Love


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Aileen October 16, 2013 at 3:33 PM

Thank you as always Maryse, you’re the best!

Kathy P October 16, 2013 at 4:40 PM

I read Just one Sone by Stacey Lynn and I would totally give it 5 stars. Great read for me!!

M. Pierce October 16, 2013 at 5:01 PM

Hm, I need to try those House of Night books. I’ve heard mixed things about them, but I’ll try any vampire series once. So much reading I want to do… so little time.

Jill October 16, 2013 at 6:44 PM

Hey Maryse! Just wanted to let you know I just finished Beautifully Awake by Riley Mackenzie….I FREAKING LOVED IT! Definitely check it out! Totally different- doctor romance!

Eden October 16, 2013 at 7:53 PM

I am giddy with glee that people are likely my little book. Thank you so much, hon, for including it in this list. Very exciting!!! <3

Ilsa October 16, 2013 at 9:46 PM

Thanks for adding Very Bad Things to your list! You rock!! :)

Marit October 17, 2013 at 12:15 AM

Beautifully awake looks good, Jill! I will klick that home today and give it a go :D I finished Escaping reality yesturday! ;) It was awesome and it ended with a big cliffhanger! But it was SO worth it :) :) :)

icy October 17, 2013 at 1:55 PM

Treasure Your Love is Book #3 after Conquer Your Love in the Surrender Your Love series. It’s not Book #2.

Maryse October 17, 2013 at 3:01 PM

Thanks Icy! I’ll be posting the reading order soon. :)

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