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Reader Question – Recommendations needed for your favorite lighthearted, humorous books…

March 14, 2019

Connie is needing and Uber-angst BREAK and looking for lighthearted reading fun. I have lists for her (and I’ll list them below), but what’s the latest and greatest comedy romance of your heart? She asks: After reading books like Verity, Heartbreak Warfare, The Fish Tales Series, etc, a bit of lightness and humor is needed. [...]

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Reader Favorites – Jan’s Favorite Low Angst Romance Books

September 23, 2017

Wow!!! Last’s week’s “low-angst” favorites list was so popular, that I’m thrilled to say the theme will go on! ‘Cause Jan just sent us her list too. YAY US!! We have more to choose from! Jan: Oh thank you for sharing this list Melinda and Maryse. Just my style of books I’m not a mass [...]

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Reader Favorites – Melinda’s Favorite Low Angst Romance Books

September 16, 2017

Some of our crew prefer the lower angst romance books (and are not necessarily rip-your-heart-out/who-knows-how-it-will-end book-adrenaline junkies like a few of us are.  Ahem. *blink blink*) So for those that need a little break from stress, maybe this list will do it for ya! Melinda was inspire by Fabi’s “favorites” list, and so she submitted hers, [...]

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Ruthie Knox – The New York Trilogy Reading Order

February 22, 2017

<— SEXY-sweet, low angst romance trilogy that sounds right up our light-hearted romance alley! P.S. Ruth Knox is much loved amongst our fellow readers, but did you know she’s also known as author “Robin York”???!!! <— HECK. YES. I lost it over one of her uber-angsty “Deeper” series!!! But, alas… this one is not THAT [...]

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Reader Favorites – Leslie’s Favorite Low Angst Romance Books

October 22, 2016

YAY!! This is Leslie’s first “Reader Favorites” list submission. She’s been here since 2011, but has just started chatting regularly with us. (YAY Leslie!!! ). In fact, she officially joined us when she was asking for book recommendations just like what were finding on THESE “low-angst” lists! “Ok, coming out of lurking as I need [...]

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Reader Favorites – Fabi’s Favorite Low Angst Romance Books

October 15, 2016

Okay so… I know there are some amongst our reading crew that are hard-core thrill seekers (at least… book-wise). We want heartache, we want angst, and we want crazy thriller twists that we don’t even see coming and take our breath away. We might even… *gasp*  accept a non-happily-ever-after. Or… one to be determined by [...]

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