Reader Question – Where is the post with the reader’s “…just one favorite book…” list?

by Maryse on January 19, 2017 · 0 comments

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Rene saw one of our recent “Reader Favorites” posts and is looking for it, because it highlights a VERY difficult book choice. I compiled a list of each reader’s absolute FAVORITE book (and told them to only pick one). Eeeeep!

She asks:

“So I have a question I remember seeing a post about name just one favorite book. I’ve been looking on the blog but I can’t find it I thought I saved it but I guess I didn’t because there were more than a few on there I wanted to read thanks for the help”

You bet, Rene!! Here it is, and I will continue to add to it as traders send me their #1 of ALL their #1′s. :D

In fact, I have a few of these lists, as I tallied them throughout the years here.

  1. Your favorite book, if you had to choose only one… (part 1) <— this one was from back in 2013
  2. What book would you buy for a friend?
  3. These books were so good, that we forgot to eat! Part one…
  4. Books that are “re-read” good!
  5. Reader Favorites – 21 books that have moved us to share with others…
  6. Reader Favorites – Your favorite book from 2016 (you can only choose one!) <— This is the latest one, and the main one I think you’re looking for Renee! 

But all of these lists have the best of the best on ‘em, so I had to include them. :D

Rene: Found it thanks so much it was the 2016 one cause it had CoHo’s book at the top thank you so very much hugs

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