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So, it’s true that I’m not much on re-reading a book. I know many of my fellow readers LOVE re-reads (and often prepare for a new release in a series by re-reading the previous books) but… I’m usually good with one read through. After all, by now, I already know what happens, right? It couldn’t have *that* same effect on me twice, could it?

But there are SOME that I have re-read. A precious few, and sure enough, surprise of all surprises, the feeling was still there. That intensity. The stomach drops, and the heart clenches. And yes,  I knew what was going to happen, so the exciting guess work was gone, but the butterflies over some of those scenes (and for the book as a whole) were still as strong. And SO worth the re-read.

So Kaycee asked me (which prompted me to prepare this post!):

Kaycee: Maryse, I have always wondered which books you have read more than once coz you loved it so much? And were they still good the second time round? :)

Maryse’s Book Blog (Paranormal & Urban Fantasy) Only 3 books and yes, all three of ‘em were almost just as good as the first time. The only thing lacking was that I already knew the outcome, but in that case, I got to indulge more in the rest since I wasn’t in a race anymore to know what happens.

The books I have read more than once

1. Beautiful Disaster: A Novel by Jamie McGuire (twice in a row, and once more a year later) – I can never get enough of Travis. *heart* him almost the most of all of ‘em. (Here’s my review):

2.) Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3) by J.R. Ward (twice, and I’m wanting to read it a 3rd time – I can’t get enough of Zsadist and his brooding moodiness. I even want to read book #2 again, just so I can get that ending with Zsadist before we move onto his book. (Here’s my review)

3.) Rock Me (Ross Siblings) by Cherrie Lynn – I wanted to see if Brian would still have that intensity since I’ve read so many tattooed bad boys since him, and YES. Oh YES. Loved it a second time, too. (Here’s my review)

Kristi: I could read Lover Awakened again for sure. Sweet, moody, tortured Z!!

Maryse’s Book Blog: Again and again.

Jaycee: Yup, have read Beautiful Disaster twice now and it had the exact same effect the second time around …. butterflies and all

Rita: I’ve found myself reaching for old favorites this year rather than new ones, so a list of re-read worthy books sounds perfect to me!

Deborah: We are of like minds, Maryse. I have loved Travis ever since I first read…andreread…and reread…Beautiful Disaster. There is just something about that beautiful, tortured bad boy that grabs you (I wish) and doesn’t let go.

Amanda: Reading Beautiful Disaster was a welcome back to reading for me – and boy what an amazing book to do it with! I think it have read and reread that book at least 10 times – and each time is better than the next! Travis is everything is girls want in a book boyfriend and more! Badass, fit, committed (to the right woman), ridiculously sweet and HAWT! I loved how he developed throughout he book – from a man whore to the perfectly flawed boyfriend! I love all of the books this far in the Beautiful Disaster series…

Kelly: BDB – what can I say except THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Maryse for turning me on to this series.  (pun intended)  How lucky am I that I didn’t know about the them until a few months ago?  Love vampires, love hot guys, romance, action, hot guys…  oops, already said that.  I was so lucky I’ve been able to read them all without having to wait until the next one came out, except now I’ve caught up and have to wait until “The King”.  Waaaaaaaaa  I can’t stop thinking about them and have re-read a bunch of them, some parts of them move than once (Quinn and Blay.  Hot!)  After reading all your gushing about Z, I re-read it and I think him, V and Revhenge are my faves.

Those are my absolute favorites. And I’m going to add that I’ve pretty much re-read Twilight. LOL! Well, all of the highlighted parts in my paper book where I put little sticky tabs all over. Which was… pretty much the whole book. OMG did that one make me swooooooon. *phew* I can’t wait to find another one that has THAT affect on me again.

When someone tells me they loved it so much they re-read it? YES!!!! This is my reaction:

Maryse: Ohhh re-read category, huh!?? Okay yeah… I gotta read this ASAP!

Linda: Maryse I’m with you when a fellow reader says not only do they love it but it’s also a reread I’m all in!!!!! Thanks Lori!!! One clicked this series!!! Look forward to it:-)))

So maybe I can find one out of this reader “re-reads” list (feel free to list your re-read favorites in the comments!) :D :
  •  Three Rivers (A Gateway to Love Novel Book 1) by Chloe T. Barlow <— This is Beverly’s re-read of choice and WOW does it have a great reviews!! She says: “Maryse, I have read and reread Three Rivers by Chloe Barlow.  I absolutely loved Althea and Griffen’s story.  Filled with tragedy, regret, healing, love and forgiveness makes this book memorable.  Thanks for listing it on your site.  Hopefully, once you get settled from your move, you and many others will read Three Rivers, a great, well written book.
  • Rachel’s choice is one of MY favorite series, Experiment in Terror Series! She says: “I’m a little jealous y’all are just now reading EIT.   Probably my most favorite series ever!  I have reread them, but there’s nothing like the first time.  ❤️ Dex and Perry.” Here is my reaction to book #4 in this series. I. Went. NUTS!!!
  • Eversea (Eversea #1) by Natasha Boyd <— Victoria was in an absolute love fog after this one! She says: “I know I should read another book but I feel like I just need to re-read Eversea and Forever, Jack. Gosh it was just so good. I just wish that there was a complete Jack POV Novel. I would totally just die and FALL…. in love with him AGAIN!!!! If anyone knows or has more detail them please share…. please. Please. Please
  • Welcome to Sugartown (Greetings From Sugartown Book 1) by Carmen Jenner <— Danette loved this series! “Maryse — I *love* these books. The first one especially. It starts out as this sweet, quirky, funny story and then BOOM! Sucker punch right to the gut. Love, love, love it. I’ve already reread it several times. You need to read these!!”
  • Falling In: (Intermix) (The Surrender Trilogy) by Lydia Michaels <— Lori loves THIS one: “Love this trilogy so hard! It’s really great, unusual h, alpha H who adores her, awesome. I see a reread coming.” and then I said: “Ohhh re-read category, huh!?? Okay yeah… I gotta read this ASAP!” and Linda agrees! “Maryse I’m with you when a fellow reader says not only do they love it but it’s also a reread I’m all in!!!!! Thanks Lori!!! One clicked this series!!! Look forward to it:-)))”
  • Black Lies by Alessandra Torre <— Joe loved it. And I agree Joe, this one was pretty remarkable! She says: “I have to share one that I recently finish.  Black Lies by Alessandra Torre.  Amazing story – unique twist that will leave you wanting to reread it again because you won’t believe what happens!  It’s well written and very well thought out!  Guarantee you won’t be disappointed in this stand alone.” and Julie agrees: “Just finished this one and all I can say is wow!  I thought I knew the twist but boy was I wrong! Now I almost want to reread it.”  (here’s my review)
  • Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows Book 1) by Kim Harrison <— Michelle loves the slow burn in these: “Oh god if you love the slow burn romances and pnr then Rachel Morgan and Trent are for perfect and you MUST…yes I’m ordering you haha, read the Kim Harrison series. I have it right up on my reader since I just reread some of them and it’s 13 books in all.” (here’s the reading order).
  • How to Kill a Rock Star by Tiffany DeBartolo <— Marina loves one of my absolute 5-star favorites. She says: “…everytime How to Kill a Rockstar comes up I feel a pull to reread it again. It would be the third time! Seriously, that book calls to me. I wish I could go back and discover it again for the first time.” (Here’s my review)
  • Games of the Heart (The ‘Burg Series Book 4) by Kristen Ashley <— MichelleS is a huge KA fan, but this one was her re-read. She says: “I like all her “stuff”. Some more than others. I like them while I am reading them, but only remember the details of some, you know? I actually ended up liking MORE of the Burg series than Colorado series (except Sweet Dreams…. one of my faves). I’ll put it this way, I’d reread Games of the Heart.” and Lori agrees! “Games of the Heart and Breathe are both amazing! I love KA like crazy, have read everything but the last half of Matilda (terrible!) but those 2 books are among her best. I’ve reread both books more then a few times each. I thought Mike was a douche in At Peace, but loved him in Games.” Here is the Colorado Mountain Series Reading Order.
  • Reaper’s Property (Reapers Motorcycle Club) by Joanna Wylde <— Judy loved Horse! “HORSE!!! Horse is my favorite bad boy of all times I’ve read & still reread Reapers Property” (Here’s my review)
  • Hopeless by Colleen Hoover <— Jemma’s favorite! “I love love LOVE all of colleens books I can sit and reread them a million times and still enjoy them as much as I did when I first read them but my favourite has and always will be hopeless. It was one of the first books I read that not only made me fall in love with Colleen but made me fall in love with reading!” I loved it too!! Here’s my review.
  • Ugly Love: A Novel by Colleen Hoover <— and Tina is right there with her! “Colleen Hoover is my ULTIMATE author and my favorite book is UGLY LOVE!  I devoured every single word and I am still thinking about it, talking about it.  I love the Colleen word weaver magic and that I FEEL everything that is in the book…I am there, I get it, I hurt because they hurt… takes a truly special author to be able to do it and the thing is she does it EVERY FREAKING BOOK!  My heart actually hurt after reading Ugly Love and I want to reread it again….see…Pure magic!” Here’s my review.
  • The Accidental Vampire (Argeneau Vampire Book 7) by Lynsay Sands <— Irma loved one of my favs from this series! OMG that initial “meeting” between the two main characters gave me butterflies. She says: “I’ve read the entire series several times and The Accidental Vampire is my   favorite.  I reread it so many times it fell apart and  I had to buy another copy. ” Here’s my review.
  • Under Locke by Mariana Zapata <— Lauren loves it! “I read Under Locke when it came out & actually reread it over this past weekend (I was searching for a book… distracted….ended up rereading some favorites that I came across). So, so good!!” (my review)
  • Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi <— Well… Mae hasn’t re-read the Shatter Me Series yet, but she loves them so much she wants to: “I love this series!!! It was so good. I finished all 3 in 3 days. I wish I never read them so I could reread them all over again”
  • The Darkest Fire (Lords of the Underworld series Book 1) by Gena Showalter <— Lords of the Underworld Series is one of Kim’s favorite series: “Love, love, love! her books.  Lords of the Underworld is one of my most favorite series! I love this spin off as well and would love to win this!  I truly am such a fan that when a new book in the series comes out I reread all the others so that I don’t forget anything!
  • Kitty and The Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville Book 1) by Carrie Vaughn <— The Kitty Norville Series is one of Joanne’s favorites! “I reread the books until they are dog- eared and yellow with age.”
  • Driven (The Driven Book 1) by K. Bromberg <— One of Lauren’s favorites is the Driven series. She says: “I waited until all 3 books were out & read em in a weekend. Then reread em. And then reread em again……..LOVE THE DRIVEN TRILOGY!!!!!! Best I’ve read this yr”
  • Hollowland (The Hollows, #1) by Amanda Hocking <— Another one of Lauren’s favs! “…have you read Amanda Hocking’s Hollow series? Best zombie books ever. I have read & reread them so many times!!”
  • Beg Tease Submit – Books 1-3: Submission Series Bundle #1 (Songs of Submission Bundle) by C.D. Reiss <— Annie’s choice is the Songs of Submission Series! “Oh my gosh…you are going to LOVE the songs of submission series!  If I didn’t have something like 150 + on my TBR list I would reread! Oh hell I might just have to anyway!!!”
  • Beautifully Damaged (Beautifully Damaged series) by L.A. Fire <— Lori recommends this one! “Oooh, Beautifully Damaged by L A Fiore, I read this last year? Year before? I loved it, I’ve reread it since.”
  • Beyond the Highland Mist: 1 (Highlander) by Karen Marie Moning <— The Highlander Series are some of Nicole’s favorites: “I came across Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander Series and fell  in love. I just bought all of the books and I am going to reread all of them in order this time.”
  • A Quick Bite (Argeneau Vampire Book 1) by Lynsay Sands <— The Argeneau Vampires Series are Vicki’s favorites! “Love this series. I have the hold series in paperback but also have the hold series on my kindle. Can’t wait for the next one to come out. Hope it continues. …I could read on and on with this series. I have reread it twice.”
  • To Love A Shifter: A Paranormal Romance Boxed Set (6 Book Bundle) by Marian Tee <— Sharon’s favorite: “If you have not read Marian Tee’s To Love A Shifter a 6 book bundle set,you are missing out. I have already read it twice and I have over 2000 books on my kindle that I have not even read yet and about 50 for tbr read in the next month,but I loved this book, I could not help rereading the stories again,I read the whole book and then read a story in between the next 6 books I read lol I gave it a 5 star rating on”
  • A Much Younger Man by Dianne Highbridge <— Carina re-read this one! “A Much Younger Man – written by Dianne Highbridge and unfortunately not available on Kindle.  It is an older book and deals with an extreme (to me) age difference and as it is based in Australia, with their age of consent.  It is not a long book, but absolutely beautifully written – from the reviews on Amazon, it is clear that the writing style is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Due to the age difference, I didn’t know whether I should hope for them to be together or not :) . I reread my faves all the time and this is the one I have reread most – can you tell I love the book??”
  • Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy) by M. Pierce <— Amo loves one of my favs!! She says: “Maryse, I read Night Owl back when you first published this review. Thank you so much! It immediately jumped to the top of my favorite’s list. If you guys haven’t read it yet, you need to read it now. It blows everything else out of the water. Seriously. Each time I go back for a reread I’m more amazed at the writing. Beautifully done. Also, very best dual POVs in the genre.” (Here’s my review)
  • The Golden Dynasty (Fantasyland Series Book 2) by Kristen Ashley <— One of Michelle’s favs (and I LOVED IT!!!) She says: “…she’s such a great heroine. And he’s…. he’s…. he’s…. so dang BAD… bad bad bad…. and you love him anyway. ACK! Be prepared to stay up late, and don’t be surprised if a few days later you want to reread it because you miss them all so much and everything else is just so meh after that experience.” (Here’s my review) and Missy agrees! “Maryse…FINALLY!!! So glad you reviewed this book! I’ve been dying to see if you fell as hard for Lahn as I did! I feel like I’ve been a KA stalker since I finished this series and have been waiting NOT so patiently for Broken Dove. I’ve read and reread this series so many times, I’m embarrassed to even admit it. Not my genre either, but I’m a believer! Happy holidays!!!
  • Collide: Book One in the Collide Series by Gail McHugh <— Jennifer loved another one of my favs! “I re-read Collide and went right into Pulse this past weekend.  I have to give myself a few days to recover, but I’m thinking it’s going to be a re-read in the not so distant future.  Loved Loved Loved the angst, love story and” torn between two-lovers” scenerio! ” (Here’s my review)
  • Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Book 2) by Kristen Ashley <— Maxima’s Kristen Ashley favorite is MY Kristen Ashley favorite! She says: “Ive reread all of her books at least 3 times. But maybe I’ve read Sweet Dreams at least 6 times, lol, so maybe deep down it’s Tate , he he he!” (Here’s my review).
  • Darkfever: Fever Series Book 1 by Karen Marie Moning <— Jaime also loves one of my favorites! She says: “The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning! Always my go-to when I’m just not feeling other books.” (Here’s my review of book #1 but I LOVED them all!!) and Kimberly agrees! ”Karen Marie Moning — Fever Series. I’ve read them countless times. They are my summer beach books.”
  • Obsidian (A Lux Novel Book 1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout <— and Jaime loves these, too! “I’ve also read Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux Series and Covenant Series a bunch of times too.”
  • Breathing His Air (Crimson Romance) by Debra Kayn <— This is Kimberly’s re-read! She says: “Breathing His Air and Living A Beautiful War: Bantorus Motorcycle Club by Debra Kayn (this whole series has been re read 2x’s, but these are much more than that. I am on 3rd of LABW already)”
  • Cowboy Justice (Catcher Creek Book 2) by Melissa Cutler <— Kimberly also suggests this one! She says: “(this is the 2nd book of 3 and oh so good)”
  • Breaking Away (The Assassins Series Book 5) by Toni Aleo <— and Kimberly loved this one, too! She says: “(part of her Assasins series, loved this one) These are my re reads this year.”
  • Nora Roberts Chesapeake Bay Saga 1-4 (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics) by Nora Roberts <— Kelly chose this one! “The Chesapeake Bay saga (4 books) by Nora Roberts.”
  • Beyond Eden by Kele Moon <— Ang chooses two more series!: “I have a couple more go-to rereads. The Finding Eden series by Kele Moon and The Dark Duet Series by CJ Roberts. These are on my favorites list too.” (Here’s my review of Beyond Eden)
  • Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet: Book 1) by CJ Roberts (see my review) <— Ang’s other choice!
  • Undeniable by Serena Grey <— Helen’s choice! “I reread Undeniable by Serena Grey. It’s seriously heartwrenching, and my go to book when I can’t get into any others.”

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{ 47 comments… read them below or add one }

Jaime December 8, 2014 at 7:19 PM

The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning! Always my go-to when I’m just not feeling other books.

I’ve also read Jennifer Armentrout’s Lux Series and Covenant Series a bunch of times too.

Kimberlyindy December 8, 2014 at 7:28 PM

Breathing His Air and Living A Beautiful War by Debra Kayn (this whole series has been re read 2x’s, but these are much more than that. I am on 3rd of LABW already)
Cowboy Justice by Melissa Cutler (this is the 2nd book of 3 and oh so good)
Breaking Away by Toni Aleo (part of her Assasins series, loved this one)

These are my re reads this year. I have a few older favorites too.

Diane M. December 8, 2014 at 7:42 PM

i recently re-read flat out love w/ a friend, I’ve also reread Hopeless and The lonely/lost boy many times

Carrie Marie December 8, 2014 at 7:47 PM

Ohhh… Under Locke! That is a definite re-read!!! <3

Megan December 8, 2014 at 7:51 PM

i don’t re-read too many, but my all time favorite romance novel gets re read about once a year… Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught. I could probably re read Collide and Beautiful Disaster over and over again too! Love your blog!!

bev December 8, 2014 at 7:51 PM

I used to be a major re reader. Since I’ve had an ereader that has dwindled. I’d either re read the whole book or just my favorite parts. I’m not sure could list all I used to re read from SEP, Roberts, Garwood & etc. Kristen Ashley definitely.
Specific books that come to mind are:
Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas. To be honest almost all her historical books have been multiple re reads.
These Old Shades & Devils Cub by Georgette Heyer.
Painted Faces by LH Cosway was a recent re read.
Written in Red by Anne Bishop. Loved It and was as consumed by it as the first time I read it.
War for the Oaks by Emma Bull is sitting on my counter right now waiting for me to re read.
Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale was a recent one that helped me out of a book slump.

MichelleS December 8, 2014 at 8:05 PM

I re-read occasionally – only my 5 star plus reads…
Golden Dynasty – K Ashley
Lover Eternal – Rhange fan here!!!
Outlander – book one – young Jamie swoon
Highlanders – by KM Moning – any and all of these – loved them all
A Hunger Like No Other – IAD book one – and maybe book three
Tairen Soul series – and and all

Have others in my favorite series that I re-read occasionally…. usually if I fell in love with the male character!!!

Tessa December 8, 2014 at 8:12 PM

I just realized I re-read quite a bit. My re-read has slowed down a lot with free and 99 cent books appearing constantly and those stories being good, but these here are the ones that with tons in my TBR, I still go back and re-read. I finally just chose the ones I have re-read more than once this year because of the feels.

Like Jaime said, Fever series
Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins
Up in the Air series by RK Lilley
Fallen Crest Series (I’ve re-read these five times in the last year alone!) by Tijan
Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs (I love the Mercy books, but this series has more heart)
Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews
Bully by Penelope Douglas
Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon ( I re-read all Dark Hunter world books, but this one is by far the one I’ve read more the most)
The Rocker that Holds Me Terri Anne Browning.
Thoughtless series by SC Stephens
Nalini Singh – Angel’s Blood, Archangel’s Kiss, and Archangel’s Consort. I absolutely LOVE the stories with Raphael and Elena. The stories with these two as the main characters transcends all her other books, in my opinion.

Claudia Flores December 8, 2014 at 8:12 PM

The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay,The Stuff That Never Happened
Maddie Dawson, The color of Loneliness by Madeleine Beckett, Unsticky by Sarra Manning

Lauren December 8, 2014 at 8:23 PM

Archers voice, I just re-read that! Wallbanger or red-head series are good re-reads

Ashley December 8, 2014 at 8:28 PM

At Peace
Golden Trail
Beautiful Disaster
Rock Chicks (#1)

Cindy December 8, 2014 at 8:31 PM

What comes to mind:
The entire Crossfire series by Sylvia Day for the alpha in a great suit
Fantasyland series by Kristen Ashley for the escape
The Kathleen Turner series by Tiffany Snow for the suit vs. bad boy
Thoughtless by SC Stephens for the best rock star series + slow burn
OMG I’m excited typing this!! These bring back memories of that spark I crave in a book :)

Cindy December 8, 2014 at 8:32 PM

…Oh and Mystery Man… By KA …loved!! It is re read worthy!

Chris December 8, 2014 at 8:47 PM

Thoughtless, Effortless and Reckless… can never get enough Kellan Kyle! And Collide and Pulse… ♡ Gavin!

Kristi December 8, 2014 at 9:06 PM

Same as above. Thoughtless for me. I’ve even ordered the audio book and enjoyed that just as much. Nothing has ever touched that same feeling I got reading Thoughtless for the first time so rereading it is the next best thing.

Amber December 8, 2014 at 9:20 PM

My favorite series to re-read it’s like a new experience every time I open the books. Alpha Rock Stars and fiercely independent heroines, each have their own backstory that make them who they are and you feel every emotion. is the entire series in one.
Is the first book in the series.

Cheryl December 8, 2014 at 9:36 PM

Thoughtless series, Outlander series, Crossfire series, so far. ;)

Krystal December 8, 2014 at 9:50 PM

i re-read alot, a few of my favorites are:
Dark-hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Any and every KA book ! The best !
Harry potter !! Always makes my heart warm
Twilight – i cant seem to stop.. Lol
Beautiful diaster !
BDB — hello Z!!! Yum !
The McCarthys of Gansett Island by Marie Force, i totally love this series

Christine December 8, 2014 at 10:23 PM

I agree with your list Maryse. I’ve reread your#1 and#2. I think I also read almost all the other suggestions too. Great books listed!
I was thinking we needed a list of books that were loved by some but missed by others. This list does the same thing. I have so many books already on my kindle that I feel like maybe I’m jumping over some good books.
a few more… I have reread: From Rags by Suzanne Wright quite a few times. And the Cat and Bones first three books. Bones was my first BBF!

Janet December 8, 2014 at 10:48 PM

Fire Inside… Mystery Man… Motorcycle Man… Lots of KA (except the Rock Chick series)… Fifty Shades, of course… Tristan and Danika… The Unwanted Wife… On a different note, I just finished Coleen Hoover’s Maybe Not: A Novella. Usually I dislike having the same story rehashed from a different angle but this was perfect! It was funny and developed a couple of characters that I really wasn’t that interested in, from Someday Maybe. It’s just so great to read characters that aren’t cliched (where, her hair doesn’t ‘smell like vanilla’ and he hasn’t got ‘a talented mouth’ – gah!).

Robyn December 9, 2014 at 1:30 AM

I’m rereading The Rock Chick series by Kristen Ashley again! She’s my go-to author I reread most of my books from.
Another favorite reread series is The Mageri by Dannika Dark!

Jen C December 9, 2014 at 3:11 AM

With you on Twilight, Beautiful Disaster.

Quite often I just want to re-read certain parts of books but every now and then I have to do a full re-read.

- Collide by Gail McHugh (I’m wondering if that comment up there was me, sounds like something I’d say!)
- Love Me with Lies series, in particular The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher
- Bully by Penelope Douglas
- Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover
- Remember When trilogy by T Torrest
- Consequences (et al) by Aleatha Romig
- Fifty Shades
- Bared to you
- The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton – reread that one SO many times since high school!

Nancy Parken December 9, 2014 at 9:05 AM

Transcendence by Shay Savage should be read again as you miss s so much the 1st time you read. It’s the kind of book that stays with you, so you want to discuss it with someone else who has also read. My poor husband (that doesn’t like the same books as me) finally broke down & read it, too, as I wouldn’t shut up about it.

Fabi December 9, 2014 at 9:20 AM

Bad Things by Krylov and Lover at Last by Kenyon
Both pack a solid emotional punch, although the second one is more powerful if you’ve read the previous books in the series.

Both were immediate rereads for me. Surprisingly they are both m/m. As few of those as I’ve read, it’s surprising that two of them are prized rereads.

Denise Willson December 9, 2014 at 9:39 AM

I love to re-read books! The ones I really connect with, that is. The second time I savor it, read it slow (try to anyway), and discover tidbits I’d missed in my first rush through.
My list would consist of several already mentioned here, so I won’t repeat, other than to say my top re-read (10-12 times and counting) is The Time Traveler’s Wife.
Denise Willson
Author of A Keeper’s Truth and GOT

Michelle December 9, 2014 at 10:23 AM

Seems a lot of my rereads are already posted.
Outlander series – I’ve reread an embarrassing number of times…
I agree with Tessa with the Alpha and Omega series – love love Charles and Anna but I just reread the Mercy series as well.
KA Golden Dynasty and Sweet Dreams never get old for me.
Written in Red as Bev said completely captured me and tossed me into that world. I’ve reread that one three times this year!
The Ghostbird series by CL Stone is another go to reread. Love the characters!
Pride and Prejudice I can almost recite by now.
Obsidian Butterfly from the Anita Blake series is my favorite Edward book.
Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon
KMM Highlander series

Ela December 9, 2014 at 10:56 AM

Beautiful Disaster for sure!!!! The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins!!!! Transcendence by Shay Savage!!!!

Jill December 9, 2014 at 11:20 AM

Love, Always & Life’s A Cappella by Yessi Smith.
The Ruin Series and Eagle Elite Series by Rachel Van Dyken.
Book Boyfriend Series and Surviving Us by Erin Noelle
The Evolve Series And Pretty Instinct by SE Hall
The Slater Brothers Series by LA Casey
The Ready Series by JL Berg
I just realized that the majority of mine are series that I like to keep getting lost in! I like to see old friends keep popping up…

Jennifer December 9, 2014 at 11:26 AM

I love re-reads! The Will by Kristen Ashley, Love, Always by Yessi Smith, With This Heart by RS Grey, Wait for Me/Trust in Me J. Lynn, The Cranberry Inn Series are all just a few.

Jean December 9, 2014 at 11:37 AM

Tristan and Danika….. Yes! Collide and Pulse. Up in The Air series. Fifty Shades. Other than that, who has time for rereads when we are all constantly adding to our TBR lists! There are many I would definitely like to reread… Sea of Tranquility, Making Faces, Archer’s Voice, Arsen…..ALL the BDB books, which reminds me I’m up to Lover Avenged… think it’s time for me to get back to that series and finish it before the next book comes out!

Love this list Maryse!! And curious to know what you are reading right now…. Easy Virtue?!????

Debi December 9, 2014 at 12:21 PM

I just re-read Travis by Nicole Edwards. I think he is my favorite Walker brother so far. I have also re-read Knight by KA and Beautifully Damaged.

Teri December 9, 2014 at 12:36 PM

I’m not a re-reader either… I have such a big book backlog that I just can’t seem to get a handle on (no surprise I’m sure, lol). However… Outlander I have on audio and now listen to it while I’m doing chores. It makes washing dishes so much better, lolol… I have also re-read the first 4 BDB books cause sometimes one really needs to revisit an ‘ol Beau :-) That’s it for me but I would really like to re-read KA’s, Golden Dynasty. That is one of my all time favs…

Shiv December 9, 2014 at 1:42 PM

Hello?! Asher!

Shiv December 9, 2014 at 2:03 PM

Uff, Archer’s Voice I meant. :-)
Temporary brainmelt. :-D
Anyway, it was just as great the 2nd time.

MichelleS December 9, 2014 at 6:21 PM

Michelle – so happy to have found another Anita Blake (the early books) fan that loves Edward!!! He’s so awesome!!!! (I also like Asher, not sure why… I think it’s the Goldfinch thing)…. :-)

MichelleS December 9, 2014 at 6:24 PM

Michelle – did you read the Meredith Gentry series? Frost was my guy there….

VictoriaL December 9, 2014 at 7:30 PM

I’m re-reading Thoughtless, Effortless and Reckless at the moment, up to Reckless already and I started on Thursday last week! Have read them about 4 times cover to cover and bought the audiobooks so I can listen in my car on the drive to work! Also Beyond Shame etc by Kit Rocha, love these books too.

Michelle December 9, 2014 at 7:55 PM

MichelleS I LOVE Edward! He is perfect in my book and even moreso because he was never romantically involved with Anita…like everyone and I mean everyone else! I still read the series though and actually really liked the latest one Affliction – I enjoyed Nicky a lot in that one too since he’s like a mini Edward in a way. I also read the Merry series but I’m all about Sholto…have you read the latest one though? I will just say I was crushed :( and didn’t love the book. I’m reading a good fae series now that’s been on my tbr forever – The Shadow Reader by Sandy Williams. It’s really good and has a unique twist on fae. It’s three books and I’m already half done with the second one. How is the Roam series going? Still interesting?

MichelleS December 9, 2014 at 8:45 PM

Michelle – a good Fae series? I am ALL OVER THAT. They are my number one favorite PNRs. Oh yeah!! Sholto. I love him!! I did NOT read the latest (A Shiver of Light, right?). It’s on my TBR list. Should I? Yes – still reading Roam series. I’m on Book 6. It kept me interested – and loved the other characters stories. The other female characters are strong – and make fun of all of Roam’s crying! I just really connected with it.

Lia December 9, 2014 at 9:00 PM

BDB Series I love it ‘re-read Lover Awakened, Lover Eternal…
Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice ‘re- read many many times, watch the movie also 3 times was addicted. Argeneau Series by Lindsay Sands love them ‘re- read A quick Bite , Twilight series who didn’t fell for Edward ? I did, Driver trilogy book 1, Arsen by Mia Asher, Emily Lost and Found series, ‘re-read with a box of Kleenex again love them all.
Beautiful Disaster , Fifty Shades of Gray book 1
I love to ‘re- books i loved

Kelly M. December 9, 2014 at 9:30 PM

*Here With Me by Heidi McLaughlin
*Thoughtless Series by Author Author SC Stephens
*Forever Black Series by Sandi Lynn
*Bad Boys Series (Down to You is the first book) by M. Leighton
*Driven Series by K. Bromberg
*Carnage 1 and 2 by Lesley Jones
*Nashville Night Series (Shameless is the first book and is FREE) by Cheryl Douglas
*One Night Series by A.M. Willard
(Annelle Willard) re-releasing Jan 11th
*Never Series and The Space Between Us by Anie Michaels
*Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred
*Desire Series by Kizzie Darker
*Stubborn Love Series (Stubborn Love is first book and is FREE) by Wendy Allen Owens
*Beautifully Series by A.m. Guilliams
*Lost and Found by Megan Fields Author
*Fight For Her Series by JJ Knight
*Drawn by Lilliana Anderson
*Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire
*Rosemary Beach Series by Abbi Glines
*Bully Series by Penelope Douglas
*The Pieces of You & Me by Pamela Ann
*Off the Record Series and The Avoiding Series by K.A. Linde
*Love Series by Tina Reber
*Shattered Hearts Series by Cassia Leo
*Betting on You by Jessie Evans
*Infinity Series by Layne Harper

Michelle December 10, 2014 at 9:43 AM

MichelleS – I’m not going to rec A Shiver of Light because I think it was the worst book of the series but if you’ve read the rest you have to get to it eventually right…there are babies if that is motivational? I will get back to the Roam series for sure but I’m trying to knock some off my tbr before I buy more – let’s see how long that lasts!

Kelly M, the Carnage series and Sweet Gum Tree will be future rereads for me too! Love them both sooo much!

MichelleS December 10, 2014 at 7:05 PM

Michelle – I was afraid that Mg was going the way of Anita Blake – especially since her sex partners increase exponentially – just like Anita’s…. ;-)

Carnage was ROUGH for me. Very good book title though – it was definitely carnage all right!

I agree- sweet gum tree was fantastic – such great writing – had me at page one

Georgia December 11, 2014 at 6:21 AM

I re-read quite a few authors. Kristen Ashley … I’ve re-read every series a few times. Specifically Rock Chick, Colorado mountain Series, fantasyland series. Motorcycle Man. Another favorite – Kele Moon series – battered series – they feel like family. I just re-read Lori fosters – men who walk the edge of honor. That first book with Dare is soo good! Enjoy!

Lynne December 11, 2014 at 10:44 PM

Have re-read Rough Canvas by Joey Hill too many times to count. The BEST M/M story Ever!!!!

Nicky December 12, 2014 at 4:47 AM

I don’t read my top top favourites because I’m scared to ruin the feels I got the first time around. But I can reread my fav KA books, which are Lady Luck and At Peace. And I think they get better.

Kathie January 26, 2016 at 5:05 PM

My all time favorite series is The Outlander Series by Diana Gabalden. I have never gotten so into any books before or since. I felt as though I actually knew these characters. There were times while reading I had to put the books down because I was crying so hard. The books have stayed with me.

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