J.M. Darhower

Book Review – Ghosted by J.M. Darhower

September 3, 2017

Ghosted <— I HAVE AN AWESOME BOOK RECOMMENDATION!!!!! This is a MUST READ! If you’re in a slump, this will fix it! Ghosted broke my heart, stole my heart, and healed it too (and it was SO clever how it all happened). FIVE STARS!!! I am just beside myself in love with these characters. Oh [...]

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J.M. Darhower – Monster in His Eyes Series Reading Order

October 18, 2014

Here is yet another much LOVED series by one of our favorite authors, J.M. Darhower. She is on a writing roll!!! Tons of great new releases, and they are taking our fellow readers by storm! I haven’t read this one yet but desperately want to. I think it’s a dark romance. And he sounds deliciously [...]

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J.M. Darhower – Sempre Series Reading Order

October 13, 2014

<— Mafia romance lovers, rejoice!!! This is the series for you! Now… admittedly, many of you are probably mafia-romance book lovers BECAUSE of this book. LOL!!! Yep, I too, was introduced to the world of bad-guys that still need love, and all of the scary stuff that surrounds them, with this read and I. LOVED. [...]

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Book Review – Extinguish by J.M Darhower

August 8, 2013

Extinguish <— 266 pages!! Really? I thought this was considered a “short story” and I was SO impressed with how much emotion and meaning was packed into a book that really hooked me for a good few hours. But wow. It was longer than I thought, which means I must have really been enjoying it [...]

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