Ultimate List of Hermit and Recluse Romance Book Heroes

by Maryse on February 6, 2014 · 43 comments

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I could not WAIT to make this list, considering I’ve always been on a little bit of a “hermit hero” kick. And while there may be a plethora of cocky “book bad-boys” out there (taming them and the wild ride getting there is always fun), hermit romance books are kinder of hard to come by. P.S. Here’s another list of all my blog posts tagged “reclusive” ;)

Candace: I one clicked Archers Voice on your recommendation and LOVE LOVED IT. I saw that you have an affinity for hermit lol. Can you suggest some more books along the same lines?

Maryse’s Book Blog: I do love me some hermits. Hey great idea!!! I will start working on a list for us.

Maryse’s Book Blog: Okay… I’m working on a “hermit heroes” romance book list. They’re so fun to try and get to know.. and when they finally let us in… —> *oooomph*!!!

I easily have a good 5 books on it from my own personal recommendations, and maybe two more that I’m contemplating adding to it (these two are not exactly “hermits” per se, but definitely anti-social & avoiding any kind of interaction if possible)… so do any of you have recommendations of sad/mad/anti-social but sexy hermit types you’d like me to add to this list?

Sandra: I’m going to love this list.

Jo: I can’t think of any, but I definitely want the list!

Christin: There is something so beautifully right about a hot man who can’t talk football.

Maryse: LOL!!!! :P

Kristi: Why are the sad/mad/anti-social/scarred but sexy guys my fav’s?? Idk but they are!!!

Maryse: You n’ me, both, Kristi. :P

Yep, it’s true! I get an equal thrill out of being let into someone’s heart that guards it to the point of personal detriment, as I am being loved by the “bad boy”. Both are hard to get, and I love playing that game! Er… I mean reading that book. ;)

Okay, maybe the term “Hermit” is a bit toooo… *squinches nose* —> ick. Perhaps I should I say anti-social… or “recluse” as my friend Kyla compared “hermit” to, ’cause at first, she was wondering what the appeal of a “hermit” could possibly be. But when you think about it, “hermit” works ’cause they are the extreme version of our reclusive heroes…

Kyla: what exactly is a hermit hero? lol

Maryse: LOL!!! A guy that hides out in some log cabin (or house) or apartment or whatever and NEVER comes out for whatever reason (except for emergencies like groceries)… doesn’t have friends, doesn’t want ‘em and everyone has a “rumor” about what a weirdo he is, or some tragic thing that made him that way… no love, no life and no interest in society – BUT!!!! And this is the most important… he’s damaged, and yet often proves to be beautiful… (often hidden under a layer or two of facial hair :P ), and that one girl crosses his path, intrigues him but he does everything to avoid her, even though she insists.

Kyla: Who knows people like that? Lol

Maryse: LOL!!

Kyla: Ahhhh like dirty from unattainable

Maryse:  Yep like that!! YES DIRTY!!!!!!!!!! EXACTLY!!!!!!!!! OMG I’m adding him to the list! thank you!

Kyla: Hehe no problem! I guess that makes sense. Lol

Maryse: Yep! He’s always hot in his own way, either physical but hidden in layers of hair or bad clothes or gorgeous in his damaged sweet, strong and protective way

Kyla: Haha I didn’t realize this was a thing in romance. … Makes me think a bit like Cold as Ice by Maura Murphy (The guy kidnaps the girl and is gorgeous and kind of reclusive)

Maryse: LOL! I know… I’m on a kick. They are hard to find though. The author has to 1.) Dig deep to get into a guys head like that to make up a believable story of WHY he’s like that and 2.) dig deep to find a way for us to love him ’cause he’s not your typical cocky bad boy, or your sweet fun loving prince, or smart nerd that we love. He’s hard to love and resists all attempts (even by the beautiful girl) to get to know him it takes forever to let her in and we LOVE that slllllooooooow burn.

Kyla: Nice. I get that

Maryse: He’s suspicious… bordering on hate or at least irritation, then tentative friendship… and then WOWOWOWOWO!!!! Read Archer’s Voice for the perfect example. I 5-starred it and it was AWESOME…

Kyla: Nice yeah I’ve heard good things about that one

Maryse: and Dirty’s story is one of my favs too. He’s a whole lot grittier, that’s for sure, but I love a hermit/recluse anti-hero, too.

Kyla: I was sitting here going…who likes hermits?

Maryse: LOL!!!! I know that’s a horrible word for it but it is what it is. LOL!!!! Book hermits are wonderful!

Kyla: Yeah hermit terrible Makes me think of Kermit.

Maryse: anti-social is good but that can also be meant for “bad guys” and hermits are usually not bad guys…

Kyla: What about collision course? He’s reclusive after what happened to him. And sawyer draws him out…

Maryse: I’ll definitely add it. YES recluse!!!! thats a good word!

Yep… a little unusual, but SO much fun to crush on! Sometimes love really does heal all wounds. At least in some of our books, they do. ;)

So, are you ready for that list?

The first 18 are my own personal recommendations since I’ve read them, and the rest (after those) are from our fellow readers:

Archer’s Voice (Sign of Love, Sagittarius) by Mia Sheridan
Archer is the ultimate in “misunderstood hero with a tragic past”. So intent on keeping to himself, avoiding contact at all costs, and rebuffing any attempts that his future has become a “forgone conclusion”. He’s been left alone so long, has shrugged off all of the “rumors” going around that running into the “new girl in town” really throws him for a loop. One of my all time favorite 5-star books ever! You feel it alllllll. (my review)

Unbound: (InterMix) by Cara McKenna
Hermit in the woods, living far from society obligingly helps out a sick female hiker that knocks on his door, desperate for help. He’s a mess over it, and his deeeeeeply hidden secret is just begging to be unleashed. *phew* that one was…. HOT!!!!!!!! And totally not my “usual” but OMG I LOVED it and Melissa agrees: “It was not my usual thing, but it was very very good.“ (my review)

Dance with the Devil (Dark-Hunter Novels) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Thanks for reminding me about this one, Pam! Paranormal romance, super intense, AND (even for those that are taking a break from paranormal), this series is AWESOME and so is this book. One of my favorites in the bunch, ’cause Zarek is living in solitude in Alaska. And I mean, the worst of the worst deep-freeze conditions. Imprisoned by Artemis and he hates… everything. Everyone. Especially himself. He’s a tormented soul, along the lines of “Zsadist” (from Black Dagger Brotherhood). And despite being deeply rooted amongst his paranormal “brothers” (protectors), everyone is warned AWAY from. He is the one everyone is wary of, and his ferocious snarly attitude doesn’t help much. Until a blind woman comes into his life… and just might change his perspective. LOVED IT like crazy!!!! (my review)

Making Faces by Amy Harmon
Yes Elyse!! Perfect suggestion, and I almost forgot this one (even though it’s a 5-star, one of my absolute favorites)! How could I forget Ambrose!??? WOW!! Once a gorgeous, popular high school sports star that joins the military and comes back physically and emotionally scarred beyond recognition. The town has it’s usual “rumors” and different levels of support… or animosity towards him. And he keeps himself out of the way as best as he can, attempting never to show his face, or draw attention to himself. Until one of his high school friends (that has always crushed on him) reaches out to him. (my review)

The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel by Katja Millay
TWO recluses in this one! Touching, deep and eloquent, it’s about two very damaged/heartbroken teens/”new adults” that find each other. At first, avoiding anyone and everyone…

“It’s like there’s an invisible force field surrounding this space and he’s the only one inside it.”

Alone… both of them. And they have been for some time (for good reason). But no longer. That is… if they can successfully work past their fears. *sigh* One of my all-time favorites in the whole book-world! (my review)

Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee
Another perfect suggestion from our fellow readers (thanks for reminding me, Nikki!), and this one is a MUST on this list. One of my favorites, totally unique story but right up our alley. Even though it’s somewhat of a historical (takes place I believe, in the 40′s) it has a very modern feel. He’s tattooed from head-to-toe and part of a traveling circus. Taken as a child and forced into this kind of “freak-show” servitude (they tattooed him), he is ashamed of his appearance and of course, shunned by society. He won’t look anyone in the eyes that come to gawk at him, until one woman appears to see past his tattoos. See him. And their strange, subtle momentary connection gives him a sort of… will to live. She reluctantly is pushed along… leaving him there, but they find each other soon upon his escape. (my review)

Poughkeepsie (The Poughkeepsie Series) by Debra Anastasia
Another ultimate recluse by way of “homeless man/new adult” that watches the world pass by (and ignore him) daily… in the subway in which he takes refuge. But our heroine sees him… smiles at him daily, and he comes to live for that smile. OMG I just LOVED this book, and especially THAT part of the story. Of course it expands into his world (and other members that are in it) but the hermit/recluse aspect of this book is exactly what I love to read and what made me fall in love with it in the first place. (my review).

Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy) by M. Pierce
Okay admittedly “Matt” is not as much of a recluse as the books above, but… sorta. He’s a famous author in “hiding” under a pen name (nobody knows anything about him), and while he does go out in public and associate with a precious few people (his girlfriend, his agent and his co-writer and his pet rabbit <— awwwwww!!!), he prefers being incognito… for pretty much everything. An extremely secretive person with issues, haunting cravings, and a heart wrenching past. LOVED THIS ONE and yes… another super-steamy that was so unexpected, such an incredibly fun surprise that I will continue screaming it from the rooftops forever! (my review)

Brutally Beautiful by Christine Zolendz
And while we’re talking about reclusive male authors, I MUST point out this one! So good. He’s famous, too, and the ultimate author recluse. GQ gorgeous yet a total arrogant, angry, unapproachable ass!!!! He never comes out, and if he does, his snarly attitude is on overdrive, keeping everyone at bay. But one glimpse of the new waitress at his brother’s strip-club has him coming around a little more often than anyone is used to.  Mind you, he growls at her every chance he gets (and not the sexy growl we like… ;) ) but still… resistance is futile. LOL!! (my review)

Please Don’t Stop The Music by Jane Lovering
Candy just reminded me of this one, and it’s perfect for this list! I read it when I was searching for rock star reads, but this one definitely has a “quieter-recluse” side to it. She’s an up and coming business girl looking to sell her jewelry wares in the stores of London, and comes across a sullen, reclusive owner of a music shop. He takes interest in what she’s got but not so much in her… or let’s just say there are a lot of mixed signals, but mostly, he’s on the “stay away” side. But she keeps up, and he finally relents, letting her in and we find out some awesome twisty secrets along the way (that explain his hermit-ness) and a few jaw-dropping moments. I loved it!! From my review: “Skinny, unkempt, terribly dressed, morose. Detached.” and then I say: “… he was deep and simply hiding under layers of despondency. But soon enough… his “sexy’ came out in spades.” (my full review)

Otherwise Alone (Evan Arden) by Shay Savage
Evan Arden isn’t your “ultimate” recluse per se (another one that ventures out into the public) but he hates everyone. Anti-social. Ex-military that has suffered severe guilt, regrets and actual POW torture of the worst imaginable kind. Having survived and being dumped back into “society”, he works for it’s underbelly… as a hit man. A hero/anti-hero that makes no real friends (except for his boss), has no attachments and could care less about himself. Has lost his desire of self-preservation. He’s a loose cannon. And as the series progresses, you get exactly that! But with the fun of the “very few” that he reluctantly lets into his life. Not a romance series, per se, but TOTALLY has that intense potential romance angle. (my review & the series reading order)

Surviving Raine by Shay Savage
This author absolutely rocks the “reluctant heroes with bad attitudes”, and here’s another one for you! Total reclusive wealthy-ish anti-hero, stalked by his own severe addictions, hiding out on his schooner (that he rents out to vacationers). He avoids contact, and lets his staff deal with them. Until his boat capsizes and he finds himself the soul survivor with one other female… floating at sea. And being forced to face his demons. Withdrawal and having to “interact and care for someone” (or at the very least, deal with them) almost sends him over the edge. OMG one of my all-time favorites! A MUST READ! (my review)

Blind Obsession by Ella Frank
Yes! Another suggestion by one of our fellow readers that is perfect for this list. Sadie says: “The guy from Blind Obsession. Phillipe” and I couldn’t agree more. A famous, extremely wealthy artist that had an absolute tragedy happen to him, and has kept himself hidden away from society for years. Suspicious rumors abound, and of course, there’s that one journalist that is out to get the real story. IF he lets her in… and what a ride it is! From my review: “Rumors sparking outrage, turning a celebrated gorgeous artist into a shamed, possibly misunderstood recluse attempting to escape social scrutiny. And I’d almost venture to say, the one who misunderstands him the most… just might be himself.“ (my full review)

Hear Me (Dark Erotica) by Skye Warren
PERFECT for this list, but… definitely on the dark side. ;) Abused and tortured woman escapes her prison running through the woods, extremely malnourished and is found by a definite “woods-hermit”. He takes her home, cares for her, feeds her and refuses her sexual advances, which flusters her (she was a trained submissive, you see). ;) I LOVED this one, and it had quite a twist! (my review)

And here are a few more… along the lines of anti-social, angry *stay away* guys:

Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3) by J.R. Ward
Now “Zsadist” is the ultimate recluse! More… anti-social than “hermit” ’cause being part of the “Brotherhood” means he has responsibilities to protect his kind (and society as a whole), so he has to venture out. But he hates EVERYONE (maybe even his brothers… sort of – you’ll see). So furious, aggressive… ferocious, (obviously gorgeous but incredibly scarred inside and out). His crew warns EVERYONE away from him. He is potentially dangerous, and can (and will) strike at any time if you get too close. Women are especially warned away. But one… well… she just can’t help but try and reach out to him again and again, and won’t take “stay the f**k away from me” for an answer. *sigh* Best book ever!!! (my review)

Unbeautifully (Undeniable: Book Two) by Madeline Sheehan
Ripper is my human “Zsadist” (see above). Biker that was once physically gorgeous beyond belief, and now also scarred, ill-tempered and enraged. Not exactly a “hermit” or a recluse (although VERY anti-social), ’cause he’s a biker in a bad-ass motorcycle club that indulges in everything life has to offer, including women. But his aggressive attitude keeps everyone else away. And he IS the one that can’t imagine ever being loved by a “good woman”. His only connections are his “brothers”… until he finds himself contemplating the one woman that he feels he could never deserve. (my review)

Unattainable (Undeniable: Book Three) by Madeline Sheehan
Speaking of Madeline Sheehan’s anti-heroes, the secondary storyline in this book features the ultimate in “hermit/recluse” types, and Kyla (up there) reminded me of him! “Dirty” (part of this MC) avoids all connections, especially to women. Suffering from a tragic (and I mean TRAGIC) past, and intense, dangerous, despicable compulsions, he has made it so that nobody will approach him. Named “Dirty” for a reason, he purposely keeps himself physically undesirable. Does everything in his power to repel, repulse, and resist the girls that hang around, and boy does it work. Nobody (not even the biker groupies) will mess with him… but of course. You know there is that one woman… ;) I LOVED his part of this story (and hope for more!). (my review)

Marked. Part I: The missing Link by J.M. Sevilla
Nicole reminded me of this one! YES YES!!!! OMG I LOVED that intro into getting to “know” him, and his constant scowling and trying to scare us… I mean her… away. TOTAL anti-social, physically scarred recluse neighbor that barely comes out. At least to her. Now of course, she doesn’t know about his “hit man” jobs… and his attempt to keep everyone at bay. If he doesn’t “care for anyone” he can’t endanger their lives if they are found out as his “weaknesses” by potential enemies. Not “hermit” exactly, but definitely the right feel for us! Plus, he’s a bouncer and gets all growly possessive even though he tries not to. FUN! (my review)

 And here are some of our fellow reader’s recommendations:

  • The Hermit by Shayne McClendon <— Renee recommended it to me saying: “Well…..just be prepared…..it is hard to read in parts….but the pay off…..sooooo worth it…. Her stories tend to have a real rawness….that leaves you gutted…….but when you feel the triumph Of the female strength…..WoW……. I may have to re-read it for that thrill…..” And yep! I read this one. I didn’t review it, but I found it pretty good (I’d say 3.5 stars) because I wish there had been more detail in the storytelling as a whole. A story like this could have been much longer… much more explored. Still though, I read it straight through and enjoyed the “hermit’s” tentative reveal.
  • Cool Shade by Theresa Weir <— I read this one a couple of years ago and really liked it!! I still need to review it, but it’s got that weird, moody, contemporary romance a la “Bonnie Dee” feel to it. She’s a night DJ, lives next door to a recluse… lots of mystery and intrigue (you’ll like his “history”… who he is. Was…) and he’s got a lot of guilt. I remember a certain surprise twist and I was shocked but impressed by the author for going that way. Very good!
  • AnguiSH by Lila Felix <—- Melissa suggests this one, and from reading the blurb, I must say, YES! Exactly!!!! He’s a hermit, and… “A simple note pinned to a corkboard will lead Ash right to Breaker’s solitary world and she will learn that just because a guy doesn’t fit her ideal, doesn’t mean she won’t fall head over feet in love.” and Shannon agrees! “For sure Anguish by Lila Felix!” <— Yep. I gotta read this one!!!
  • BODACIOUS (N/A) by Sharon Ervin <— found by Debbie, and yep!! This one looks just right! “Kidnapped during the robbery of a convenience store in the Ozark Mountains on Halloween, Sara is terrified that the hillbillies will carry out their threat to rape and murder her. Instead, they deliver her to Bo, a hairy, reclusive, mute, old mountain man whom, one captor assures, will murder her quickly. But, while Bo, the silent caretaker, does not murder Sara, neither does he heed her pleas to return her to civilization.” <—- eeeeeep!!!!
  • Heavy Issues by Elle Aycart <— recommended by Nicole: “Cole from Elle Ayacart…he’s hermit-ish …I will have to continue to ponder this I know I have more”
  • Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard <— Nicole also suggests: “maybe the professor from Gabriel’s Inferno” <— Yes he definitely kept to himself! Good!! (see my review)
  • Cold as Ice by Maura Murphy <— recommended by Kyla (up there, in our conversation) except it’s not on Amazon yet. GAH!!!! It’s on “Lulu”? *shrug*
  • At Peace (The ‘Burg Series) by Kristen Ashley <— Sandra suggests this one “Kristen Ashley’s Joe” and OMG I LOVVVVVED this book SO MUCH!!!! I didn’t even think of this one, off the bat, but it’s a great suggestion. In fact, here’s a bit from my review and sure enough, I call him a recluse! “Seemingly more of a recluse then a protector, she has barely even noticed her neighbor for the last four months, and when she finally does meet him, the circumstances are less then stellar.“ (my full review)
  • Last Hit (Hitman) by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick <— Niki suggests this one (and a few others that I added up above in my own list). I agree Niki!! “These guys are hermit-ish in the sense of being anti-social: Nikolai from Last Hit (Hitman); Sebastien from Surviving Raine; and Zsadist from BDB”
  • Love Hacked by Penny Reid <— Kathleen suggests this one: “Penny Reid’s new book Love Hacked has a reclusive hero. This book hasn’t been released yet but I’m really excited about it! According to the reviews he’s also younger than the heroine” Thanks Kathleen!!! I will be on the lookout for it. It sounds right up my alley!
  • The Billionaire’s Obsession: The Complete Collection Boxed Set (Mine For Tonight, Mine For Now, Mine Forever, Mine Completely) by J.S. Scott <— recommended by Leanne “Simon Hudson from the Billionaires Obsession by J S Scott”
  • Beauty and the Billionaire (Billionaire Boys Club Novel) by Jessica Clare <— Jen suggests this one: “Jessica Clare’s scarred virgin hero in Beauty and the Billionaire!”
  • Uncharted: An On the Island Novella: (A Penguin Special from Dutton) by Tracey Garvis-Graves <— recommended by Nancy: “If you have read On the Island & remember the abandoned shed house, then you will enjoy the story Uncharted: An on the Island Novella with the story of Owen who willingly lived alone on the Island.”
  • Rescue My Heart (An Animal Magnetism Novel) by Jill Shalvis <— suggested by Debbie (thanks Debbie!) Lots of ex-military heroes fit this bill. :)
  • Breaking the Silence by Katie Allen <— recommended by Aimee and it sounds perfect for us!! “I really loved Breaking the Silence by Katie Allen. Reclusive man who is fixated on a woman who walks by his house. Absolutely brilliant!! P.S. Love the rest of your list also
  • The Minaldi Legacy by Courtney Cole <— Stephanie found us one!! “Maryse, I found one more novel for your Hermit/Recluse list. Could you please add it to your list? It’s a new release and it looks really good. The hero is a reclusive enigma.”
  • Wait for Me (The Montgomery Brothers) by Samantha Chase <— Debbie found us this one!
  • Brave by Zoe Dawson <— “Dakota Gray was brave in the face of debilitating fear. But he lost himself in that blood soaked day and has shunned everything he once knew. Now shattered and broken, he hides out in isolation, his wounds beyond healing. His heart closed, his emotions buried, he’s a man on the edge of self-destructing. Little does he know that courage would be found in another searching for the strength to be brave.” (thanks Debbie!)
  • Ethan (Alluring Indulgence) by Nicole Edwards <— Hanneliane recommends this one: “ I think Ethan (also the book title, a M/M book, from the Alluring Indulgence series by Nicole Edwards) deserves to be mentioned.”
  • All of Me by Gina Sorelle <— Rosheen recommends it! “It may be out there but All of Me by Gina Sorelle. The H was definately aloof and anti social and in addtion it’s got the angst.”
  • Broken Pieces by Riley Hart <— Jill recommends this M/M romance for this list! “I’m 60% into Broken Pieces by Riley Hart (m/m/m) and basically all of the men – two of them especially – fit your description of a ‘hermit’. They all have dark backgrounds and are closed off emotionally and are struggling to open up to the ones they hold close or want to hold close.
UPDATED 02/20/2016:
  1. The Vixen and the Vet (a modern fairytale) by Katy Regnery <— SO MANY recommended this one for this list! Unity says: “Vixen and the Vet by Katy Regnery is a perfect fit for this list.He’s a disfigured war vet who’s shut himself in his house and she’s a down on her luck journalist who needs him to give her a story…” and Nancy: “You must add The Vixen & the Vet by Katy Kegnery” and Madeline agrees! “Nancy, thanks for your recommendation of The Vixen & the Vet….Wow, what a great read.”
  2. Jamie (Visitation Book 5) by Lori Foster <— Holly suggests this one! “Jamie by Lori Foster is a great hermit book! Her other ones in the series help show how much of one he is but not necessary for his book. I’ve read it many many times. I definitely recommend it as a hero hermit book!” and Elaine agrees! “There’s one I checked out at my local library called Jamie…..total hermit meets lost woman near his cabin, takes her in, resists her sexual desires for him, tortures the reader in all the right ways, and there’s also a paranormalish back plot…..loved it……have to google for the author
  3. Come Lie with Me by Linda Howard <— This is Heather’s recommendation! “I cannot believe no one has mentioned Come Lie With Me by Linda Howard. I read it at least once a year. He’s angry, withdrawn and in pain. She’s a physical therapist with walls of her own. It’s so poignant. Such a beautiful story, with strong themes of mutual healing (his physical and loss of hope, hers abuse).”
  4. Badger by C. M. McKenna <— THIS ONE IS MY OWN RECOMMENDATION and is an absolute 5-star read. Badger is so moody and reclusive, at times, painfully so… but this one is so beautifully written with such a profound message entwined within it’s dark-angst. AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ! It made my #1 of 2015!! And Lori agrees! “Badger was probably the last book I read that gave me a big ugly cry. I loved that book.“ (my review)
  5. New Life by Bonnie Dee <— Kyle recommends this one! “What about New Life by Bonnie Dee??!?! One of my favorite reads and he is definitely a hermit!” Ohhh I read this one and enjoyed it. YES!!! (my review)
  6. Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas <— Noga reminds us of another one that I absolutely LOVED!!!!! She says: “Hey, Isn’t Comfort Food’s Master a hermit by his own admission?” HECK YES NOGA!!!!! :D !!! (my review)
  7. RUSH (City Lights: New York City) by Emma Scott <— THIS IS MY OWN RECOMMENDATION but I know SO many would agree!! GAH IT WAS SO GOOD! He used to be an athlete/adrenaline junkie, but was blinded in an accident and has grown bitter and reclusive in his home. And when a family friend sends him a new assistant, his world sure opens up (even if he’s resisting it tooth and nail)!! And Lisa agrees! “…a sweet and beautiful story. Love a jerk who turns into a hero and love it when the H is wounded and troubled and the h heals him. Great book.“ (my review)
  8. The Air He Breathes by Brittainy Cherry <— Gabby recommends this one! “First thing that came to mind when I saw this is ” The air he breathes” by Brittainy Cherry! He fits the description perfectly!”
  9. Beastly by Laura Belle Peters <— Lauren recommends this one!! “I JUST read a great one yesterday & was about to give the recommendation when I saw this post. Perfect timing! Beastly by Laura Belle Peters. Scarred, lonely, reclusive hero BUYS shy, untrusting, abused heroine from her FATHER who is a meth addict. The father assumes the hero wants his daughter for sex because he’s “given” her to lots of men in exchange for meth….even when she was a little girl. But the hero lets him think that yet only uses her for cooking & cleaning. It was an amazing story….loved it!
And here are a few finds via my “searching” Amazon. I haven’t read these yet, but they seem to fit the bill!
  • Starry Night: A Christmas Novel by Debbie Macomber “…she first scores the paper an interview with Finn Dalton, the notoriously reclusive author. Living in the remote Alaskan wilderness, Finn has written a megabestselling memoir about surviving in the wild. But he stubbornly declines to speak to anyone in the press, and no one even knows exactly where he lives.”
  • Loving Luke by Suzanne Barrett “… fiery auto crash that leaves him badly burned and crippled. Hating the world, he retreats to his cabin.
  • Harmony Cabins (A Finding Home Novel) by Regina Hart <— I love when two strangers end up renting the same “getaway” home and the guy is a moody recluse. Fun!! P.S. What’s up with all of these reclusive male authors? :P
  • Betrayed by Wodke Hawkinson <— Dark read alert! She is kidnapped and escapes her captors and (from what I gather) is found (saved?) by a man who’s been a recluse for years…
  • Broken (1 Night Stand Series) by Diana Alberts <— sounds awesome but so short. Darn! Still… maybe it’s a continuing serial series?  ”Staff Sergeant Matt Warwick returns from war with two broken legs—and a shattered future. Abandoned by his fiancée, he withdraws into a protective shell to hide from the pity filled glances thrown his way.”
  • Remember Me by Serenity Woods <— another war hero, but short story.


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Darla Williams February 6, 2014 at 3:36 PM

I’ve gotta say…you got me hooked on a hermit – ******* by ******. Love.

Maryse February 6, 2014 at 3:54 PM

Ohhhhhh I agree Darla!!! That is one of my FAVORITE “hermit/recluse” books, but I can’t put it on here ’cause the fact that we find out he’s a hermit is THE crazy twist that we didn’t see coming. Putting it on here would sort of be spoiler-ish.

*sigh* It SO deserves to be here, though… ;)

C February 6, 2014 at 4:00 PM

What really scares me is that I already consumed most of the first list, and many of the readers suggestions. Got to get a life soon.

Candy February 6, 2014 at 4:23 PM

What about Please Don’t Stop the Music by Jane Lovering?

Maryse February 6, 2014 at 4:34 PM

Yes Candy!! Perfect!!! I’m adding it. :)

Kirstyn February 6, 2014 at 4:37 PM

What about Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay?

Maryse February 6, 2014 at 4:44 PM

Yeah you know… they’re both pretty hermit-y!! Awesome suggestion Kirstyn!!

Jill February 6, 2014 at 6:45 PM

I’m 60% into Broken Pieces by Riley Hart (m/m/m) and basically all of the men – two of them especially – fit your description of a ‘hermit’. They all have dark backgrounds and are closed off emotionally and are struggling to open up to the ones they hold close or want to hold close.

Darla Williams February 6, 2014 at 7:17 PM

PERFECT edit of my comment Maryse! A recommendation that I will be eternally grateful for…

Lindsay February 6, 2014 at 8:15 PM

I’m patiently awaiting for the sequel to Marked–releasing tomorrow.

Maryse February 6, 2014 at 8:24 PM

YAY Lindsay!! That one was good!

Maryse February 6, 2014 at 8:25 PM

Darla, yep! I HAD to keep your comment ’cause it was SO true. In fact, the author saw it, wondered which book we were talking about (she wanted to know for her own read), and clued in that it was her. ;) LOL!!

Pam February 6, 2014 at 8:35 PM


Maryse February 6, 2014 at 9:31 PM

Zarek!!!! YES he’s the ULTIMATE recluse! Absolutely Pam. I have to add him!

Andrea February 6, 2014 at 9:35 PM

*Swoons* Zsadist one of my favorite anti-social angry book men. I love this list , thanks for filling my TBR even more :)

Rosheen February 6, 2014 at 9:51 PM

Liked your list and archer was great thanks for the recommendation the other week. It may be out there but All of Me by Gina Sorelle. The H was definately aloof and anti social and in addtion it’s got the angst. Cheers

Lindsay February 6, 2014 at 10:14 PM

It’s actually live now! And it’s only .99! Book title is Marked. Part II Becoming Noah Baxter

nikki e February 7, 2014 at 1:18 AM
Dawn February 7, 2014 at 3:25 AM

Halfway through Archer’s Voice and loving every minute of it!!

Ana Ribeiro February 7, 2014 at 9:58 AM

What a great idea for a list, Maryse!!! After readind Archer’s Voice I’m definitely in the mood for more hermit heros :D

Maryse February 7, 2014 at 11:45 AM

There are two on here that have me so excited to start them!

Hanneliane February 7, 2014 at 2:27 PM

I loved Zsadist, Bastian and Evan! And I think Ethan (also the book title, a M/M book, from the Alluring Indulgence series by Nicole Edwards) deserves to be mentioned. Thanks for the list! Can’t wait to bite into it (argh! LOL)! Archer is first up!

julie o February 7, 2014 at 2:30 PM

What is the name of the book that Zarek is in?

Cristiane Karamanolis February 7, 2014 at 6:55 PM

As usual your choices are impeccable.I share my preferences with you 100% especially the NIGHT OWL choice.I never get tired to tell you how much I appreciate what you do Maryse and the person that you are.

Rhonda February 7, 2014 at 8:54 PM

YAY! I was hoping for a what to do after Asher (I think I may have cried in an e-mail to you about it *eeps*). Can’t wait to dig into some of these! BTW – Surviving Raine was FANTASTIC!!

Maryse February 8, 2014 at 11:44 AM

Yes it was Rhonda!!! I can’t wait for more from this author!

Maryse February 8, 2014 at 11:44 AM

Thank you SO much Cristiane!!! You made my day with that wonderful comment, and I’m so glad we’re reading these together. Night Owl is an AMAZINGLY awesome read. I can’t wait for #2!

Michelle February 8, 2014 at 4:49 PM

Julie: Zarek is in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s book Dance with the Devil

fifi February 9, 2014 at 12:17 AM

Sea of Tranquility is one of my faves! gotta give this one a try to then :D

Jennifer February 9, 2014 at 7:25 AM

Just finished ready archers voice in a day couldn’t put it down, awesome book. I am exhausted lol

Noga February 10, 2014 at 2:37 AM

Hey, Isn’t Comfort Food’s Master a hermit by his own admission?

Kyle February 10, 2014 at 4:06 PM

What about New Life by Bonnie Dee??!?! One of my favorite reads and he is definitely a hermit!

Elaine February 21, 2014 at 4:12 PM

There’s one I checked out at my local library called Jamie…..total hermit meets lost woman near his cabin, takes her in, resists her sexual desires for him, tortures the reader in all the right ways, and there’s also a paranormalish back plot…..loved it……have to google for the author

unity August 24, 2014 at 2:35 PM

Vixen and the Vet by Katy Regnery is a perfect fit for this list.He’s a disfigured war vet who’s shut himself in his house and she’s a down on her luck journalist who needs him to give her a story…

Heather June 2, 2015 at 5:58 AM

I cannot believe no one has mentioned Come Lie With Me by Linda Howard. I read it at least once a year. He’s angry, withdrawn and in pain. She’s a physical therapist with walls of her own. It’s so poignant. Such a beautiful story, with strong themes of mutual healing (his physical and loss of hope, hers abuse).

Holly June 21, 2015 at 10:03 PM

Jamie by Lori Foster is a great hermit book! Her other ones in the series help show how much of one he is but not necessary for his book. I’ve read it many many times. I definitely recommend it as a hero hermit book!

Nancy Parken July 31, 2015 at 6:10 PM

You must add The Vixen & the Vet by Katy Kegnery

Madeline Duran August 11, 2015 at 12:02 PM

Nancy Parken, thanks for your recommendation of The Vixen & the Vet….Wow, what a great read.

Freya July 9, 2016 at 2:34 PM

What about Lucien, the Duke of Belliston, in *The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla” by Lauren Willig? Would he count as a recluse? (I’m totally new to reading romance & I’m so happy to have found your list!)

Rokhya July 24, 2016 at 5:23 PM

Hey!! This one Reaper (Boston Underworld, #2) by A Zavarelli.

Jennifer Kolb December 4, 2016 at 10:35 PM

Blue Moon by Jill Marie Landis

This is not available on kindle but trust me, the paperback is 100% worth the investment.

Virgin hermit. Heroine that was a mistress against her will

Doty July 8, 2017 at 2:06 AM

Please please more of this hermit/recluse male lead please!

I finished Archer’s Voice, Making Faces and Bone Deep like 2 days. lol

Brittany July 9, 2017 at 11:36 PM

How about Blind Reader Wanted by Georgia Le Carre?

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