Shay Savage

Book Review – Outnumbered by Shay Savage

March 24, 2018

Outnumbered <— Okay I’m a little early with this review ’cause it’s only going live in a week or so, but I was so excited by the premise, and the fact that it was a Shay Savage book (her stories are always SO unique), that I had to jump in now. I’m usually always wanting [...]

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Shay Savage – Unexpected Circumstances Series Reading Order

June 27, 2016

<— Oh this sounds like fun!! The future king chooses his handmaid to be his bride (it’s a political move) and she has no clue what to do… (and book #3 is going live tomorrow!!) Ela: OH A NEW SHAY SAVAGE???!!!!!!!! AHOY! Tessa: Okay, first, that Shay Savage one has me with “prince”. I’m a sucker for fairy [...]

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Shay Savage – Caged Series Reading Order

August 6, 2015

One of my favorite authors (’cause of her bad-ass, jerk-faced male character POV’s – GAH she’s so good at that!!!), and now she just released a new cage fighter series! HECK YAH! And did you guys know this was once fan-fiction? I did not, but Julie spilled the beans!! Two books out, and a third [...]

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Book Review – Alarm by Shay Savage

December 6, 2014

Alarm I just finished it yesterday, and yesss I knowwwwww, it’s still on pre-order but will be releasing in just 2 days, so not much longer to wait, my friends! It’s a a fun, exciting, sexy, easy “bad boy” read with a bit of mystery and intrigue to boot. Appearances can be deceiving (or telling) [...]

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Bastian’s Storm by Shay Savage Cover Reveal + teaser!

May 15, 2014

Okay and now… the moment you’ve alllllllll been waiting for!! Er… or at least the moment Shay Savage fans (like me!!) have been waiting for (and if you haven’t discovered Shay’s fabulous books yet, what are you waiting for!!?? ). Just take a look at my reviews, and you’ll see. I LOVE her books! Surviving Raine, Otherwise Alone, Otherwise Occupied, Otherwise [...]

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Exclusive Summary Reveal of Shay Savage’s “Bastian’s Storm”

May 8, 2014

One of my all-time favooooorite authors sent me a treat to share with y’all. No, not the book cover (that, to the left, is just a “stand-in” graphic, but the cover will be revealed soon enough). She DID, however, send me the book summary. And OMG what. the. heck!!???? I had the ULTIMATE *blurb jolt* [...]

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Book Review – Transcendence by Shay Savage

February 15, 2014

Transcendence A love story involving a caveman? Definitely not my usual. I mean, sure… I do prefer my book-heroes to be alphas,  so in essence, you might think that the whole “caveman” thing would be right up my alley. *shrug* Not really.  Or so I thought. Oh… I was curious, for sure. Considering that fact [...]

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Shay Savage’s “Transcendence” just went live!

February 14, 2014

Transcendence <— BOOK JUST WENT LIVE ALERT!!! I’ve been waiting anxiously for Shay Savage’s “Transcendence” to be released and it just went live on Amazon!! Shay is one of my FAV authors, her moody alpha-males are right up my alley and perfect for my reading pleasure, and I’m hearing this one does NOT disappoint. This [...]

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